Latest News From Region 8

May 22, 2024
Keeping Memorial Day a Day of Remembrance

May 21, 2024
Alabama Governor Ivey Says “Alabama Isn’t Michigan” In Attack On Unions

May 17, 2024
Statement From UAW President Shawn Fain
On Mercedes Alabama Vote

May 15, 2024
Local 1639 Enters Week Two of Bargaining

GM Subcouncil Meeting

May 10, 2024
Local 1956 Enters Into Contract Talks

Local 3058 Begin Contract Talks

May 8, 2024
Excellence -Your Name Is John Davis
May Edition of the Local 2164 Assembler

May 6, 2024

UAW Region 8 Takes Home Five Prizes
at the 2024 LUCA Awards

May 03, 2024
Local 2195 May Retiree Chapter Meeting Planned

May 1, 2024
Details of UAW’s Historic
Tentative Agreement!

UAW SWFL Retiree Council News

April 27, 2024
UAW Reaches Historic Tentative Agreement
with Daimler Truck

Daimler Victory Rally

April 26, 2024
Director Smith
Worker Memorial Day Message

UAW Region 8 Retiree Conference Day Three

April 23, 2024
Workers At Volkswagen Vote For Union Representation

UAW Region 8 Retiree Conference
April 19, 2024
Thank You To Ashley Lewis
Voting At Volkswagen Ends Today

National Advisory Council on Civil and Human Rights Meeting

April 16, 2024
UAW Releases New Video, “Leftover Money,” on Daimler’s Shameless Profit-hoarding as Workers Prepare to Stand Up
April 11, 2024

Day Three Of the Region 8 Leadership Meeting
DNTA Council At the Bargaining Table

April 10, 2024
Day Two Of The Region 8 Leadership Conference

April 9, 2024
Day One of the Region 8 Leadership Conference
State of Georgia Recognizes Retired
Region 8 Director Mitchell Smith

April 05, 2024
Mercedes-Benz Workers in Alabama File for Union Election as Southern Autoworkers Stand Up to Join the UAW

April 4, 2024
Obituary for Former Region 3 Rep
Michael Mathis

April 3, 2024
Local 967 Supporting Striking Teamsters
UAW/Daimler Opening Contract Negotiations - Charlotte, NC
UAW/Daimler Rally in Statesville, NC.
Heavy Truck STAND UP!

April 3, 2024
Facebook Live Stand Up For Members At Daimler Truck

April 1, 2024
Rally Planned At Local 3520 To Support Bargaining At Daimler Truck

March 31, 2024
Local 2195 April Retiree Chapter Meeting Planned
March 30, 2024

Region 8 National Women’s Day Video
By Amanda Goins

Looking Back on Women’s History Month

March 28, 2024
For Retired Workers- the 2024 Elections
Are About Defending Social Security

March 28, 2024
UAW Region 8 Statement on the
Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident

Local 2164 Assembler Newsletter
March 27, 2024
Region 8 Director Tim Smith Addresses Belmont Law Students
March 26, 2024
Sign Up For LUCA Today-
LUCA Conference is April 28-May 3

March 21, 2024

UAW Region 8 Spring CAP Meeting
Day Two and Three

UAW Region 8 Rosie The Riveters!

UAW Region 8 Ask Members To Join in the Effort to Remember “Rosie the Riveter”
March 11, 2024

Local 868 Celebrate International Womens’ Day

March 2, 2024
Local 2195 March Retiree Chapter Meeting Planned

Locals 3047 and 3063 In Contract Talks

March 1, 2024
Negotiations Underway At UAW Local 3520

Updated Skilled Trades Info

February 29, 2024
Not Like It Used To Be-
Daimler Truck Workers Gear Up for Historic Contract Fight

February 27, 2024
UAW SWFL Retiree Council Meeting March 12, 2024
Kentucky Joins the 28 States Working to Roll Back Child Labor Laws

February 19, 2024
UAW Local 3520 February Newsletter

February 8, 2024
2024 White Shirt Day

UAW Region 8 Supports Collective Bargaining Bill For Graduate Students

January 31, 2024
UAW SWFL Retiree Council Meeting
February 13, 2024

Local 2164 Newsletter
January 30, 2024
Fire Fighters Vote To Join Local 967
January 29, 2024
UAW President Shawn Fain on CNN
January 25, 2024

Day Three of the National CAP Conference
(thanks to Todd Horton of UAW Local 1853 and Kasey King of UAW Local 2164 for the photos)

Jan 24 2024
UAW Endorses Joe Biden for President of the United States
January 23, 2024

National CAP Conference Day Two
January 22, 2024
National CAP Conference Begins

January 16, 2024
Local 3520 Newsletter

January 10, 2024
Remembering Dr. King –
Buried in Birmingham:
A Legacy of Hate and The Slaughter of Innocents

30% Of Mercedes-Benz Workers In Alabama
Sign Union Cards

January 8, 2024

Opening At The International Union Women's Department

December 30, 2023
New Year's Message From Region 8 Director Tim Smith and AD George Palmer
December 26, 2023
Local 3062 Christmas Party Photos and Toy Drive

December 18, 2023
Holiday Message From Region 8 Director Tim Smith
December 13, 2023
Local 1407 Leadership Meet With
Tennessee State Representative Gloria Johnson

December 11, 2023
Workers at Honda, Hyundai and VW Stand Up to Management Intimidation, File Unfair Labor Practice Charges; UAW President Fain to Address Union-Busting on Facebook Live Tonight, 5 p.m. ET

Obituary and Service for Ray Davis

December 10, 2023
Forging the Future
Region 8 Establishes Director’s Award
UAW Retired Workers Advisory Council
Member Ray Davis Passes

December 7, 2023
Volkswagen Workers in Chattanooga Launch Public Campaign to Join UAW with Over 1,000 Workers Signed Up
December 6, 2024
Spring Hill Temps Transition

December 5, 2023
These Hands Video By The UAW

December 4, 2023
2024 UAW Region 8 Schedule

Local 2195 December Retiree Chapter Meeting Planned

Thousands of Autoworkers Launch Campaigns to Join the UAW at More than a Dozen Automakers

UAW SWFL Retiree Council Meeting December 12, 2023

Today, Thousands Of Autoworkers At More Than A Dozen Automakers Launched Campaigns To Join The UAW

November 29, 2023
Local 3520 Newsletter
UAW To Start Organizing Drives at
13 Automotive Manufacturers

November 21, 2023
Thanksgiving Message From
UAW Region 8 Director Tim Smith
Thanksgiving Video from
Region 8 Director Tim Smith and AD George Palmer

Local 737 and 1853 Participate in
Nashville NAACP Awards

November 19, 2023
Local 3064 Supports Local Sheriff’s Department
Pink Patch Project

November 16, 2023
Oklahoma Labor Hall of Fame

November 14, 2023
Bargaining Update- What Is Up With Cola
November 13, 2023
Local 2195 Hold November Meeting-
UAW President Emeritus Ron Gettelfinger
Swears in New Officers

November 9, 2023
Who Are We? UAW!
Get Your Region 8 Hoodies Today!

Veterans Day Message from Region 8 Director Tim Smith and Assistant Director
George Palmer

November 4, 2023
GM Contract Rollout
Ford Contract Highlights
Stellantis Contract Highlights
GM Contract Highlights

November 3, 2023
Region 8 IAC Representative
Lawrence Hamilton Passes

November 2, 2023
GM Leadership Meeting Scheduled For November 7
Attendance and Reimbursement Policy for Regional GM Informational Meetings
November 1, 2023

Local 2164 Newsletter
Local 2195 November Retiree Chapter
Meeting Planned

October 29, 2023
Local 1853 Join The Stand Up Strike

October 28, 2023
Trunk or Treat At Local 2164
October 27, 2023
Region 8 Lebanon Office Pinkout Day
Update On Ford Contract
October 26, 2023
Friday October 27 Pink Out Day
For Breast Cancer Awareness

October 25, 2023

UAW Announces Tentative Agreement At Ford-
Local 862 Hold Solidarity Wednesday Rally

The Winchester Star
'We Sacrifice Now': Auto Workers Strike Continues At Distribution Center In Frederick County

October 24, 2023

Local 276 Of Arlington, Texas Goes on Strike-
TV Interview With Region 8 Director Tim Smith

October 23, 2023
Local 3062 Women’s Committee Lend
Helping Hand

October 21, 2023
Local 3047 Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary

October 19, 2023

October 18, 2023
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Visits Local 862 On The Picket Line

Video From Local 862 on The Line

Despite Kentucky’s ‘Right To Work’ Laws, Labor Unions Thrive In Louisville, And Beyond | Lexington Hearld-Leader Opinion Piece
October 17, 2023
Local 862 Retirees Join The Picket Line
October 13, 2023
Updates From The Picket Lines
Local 862
Local 1247 and Local 171
Local 1590
Local 946
Local 2420
October 12, 2023
How You Can Support UAW Members At GM, Ford and Stellantis
How You Can Support MACK Truck Members
Local 862 Members Joined On The Picket Line By UAW Region 8 Director Tim Smith, Assistant Director George Palmer and UAW President Emeritus Ron Gettelfinger
October 11, 2023
Region 8 Leadership Join Local 2301
On The Picket Line

October 10, 2023

Jacksonville Employees Join National UAW Strike

October 9, 2023
Tennessee /Alabama State CAP
Elect New Officers

Indian River IAC Support
Striking UAW Members

October 6, 2023
Kentucky State CAP Hold Bowling Green Meeting
October 5, 2023

Call To Action From
The UAW Women’s Department

Local 946 Joined On The Picket Line By American Federation of Teachers

Candlelight Memorial Planned on The Picket Line for 2406 Member Darnell Golden
October 02, 2023
UAW In The News Updates
UAW Local 2195 October Retiree Meeting

October 01, 2023
Local 2404 Host Visitors To The Line

September 29, 2023
Donate to Help the Members of 2083
As They Strike For Justice

UAW In The News- Strike Updates
September 28, 2023
Director Smith Joins Local 2406 On
The Picket Line

Photos From The Picket Line
Andrew Spar, President Of Florida Education Association And Kender Plowden, An Executive Assistant At F.E.A Join Striking UAW Members
UAW SWFL Retiree Council
October Meeting Planned

September 26, 2023

Strike Update- Local 2083

UAW Region 8 Director Tim Smith Visits Picket Lines at Locals 860, 816 and 2360

AD George Palmer Joins Local 1649 Orlando, FL On The Picket Line

Texas AFL-CIO Statement of Solidarity on UAW Auto Strike Coming to Texas Facilities

U.S. President Joe Biden to Join UAW President Shawn Fain and Stand Up Strikers on Picket Line

President Biden Urges Striking Auto Workers To ‘Stick With It’ In Picket Line Visit Unparalleled In History

September 25, 2023
UAW Region 8 Members Participate in
Tennessee NAACP
UAW Region 8 Staff Retiree Tom Savage Honored

September 25, 2023
UAW Region 8 Members Participate in
Tennessee NAACP
UAW Region 8 Staff Retiree Tom Savage Honored
Winchester Star- Auto Workers Expand Strike To 38 Sites Including Mopar Distribution Center In Frederick County
Strike Update- Local 2360

September 23, 2023
Region 8 Members on the Picket Line

NAACP walking the line with
UAW Local 2406 Memphis, Tennessee.

Local 2083 Tuscaloosa Alabama
2360 Stellantis Mopar Dallas TX
Today at GM local 2404
September 22, 2023
UAW Expands Strike At GM and Stellantis
UAW Local 2404 GM Charlotte, North Carolina, parts distribution center on strike.
UAW Local 868 PDC Mopar in Atlanta, Georgia Standing Up.
UNA Bigelow Passes
UAW Local 862 Host Stand Up Rally
Local 2083 Enters Day Three of Strike
September 21, 2023
You are the U In Union! Join Us Today!
September 20, 2023
Bargaining Update- Local 862 Rally
Local 2083 Votes Down ZF Offer,
Rallies For Strong Contract

September 19, 2023
UAW Region 8 T-Shirt Offers
UAW In The News
September 18, 2023
Local 1853 Ready To Stand Up
September 17, 2023
Local 1590 Day Of Caring Project
Improves Historic Cemetery

UAW On The Sunday Morning Talk Shows
Region 8 Voices-
Local 1407 Member Lisa Lane

September 16, 2023
UAW Local 862 Travel To Detroit To Join Rally
Check Out the Region 8 Supporting Bargaining Page

September 15, 2023
Region 8 Statement on Automotive Strikes
Region 8 Leadership Supporting Local 2083
September 14, 2023
Get Contract Updates Here
Local 129 Members Standing In Support of
Detroit Three Bargaining

September 11, 2023

More Photos From the
Nashville Labor Day Parade

Region 8 Conducts Grievance Handling Class
September 9, 2023
Central Labor Council Of Middle Tennessee Labor Day Rally

September 02, 2023

September 01, 2023
Labor Message from
Region 8 Director Tim Smith and
Assistant Director George Palmer

Director’s Labor Day Message-
Honoring America’s Labor Heroes- The Members

August 30, 2023
Region 8 Veterans Council Meeting
- NC / SC / Va

Local 2164 Newsletter
Happenings At Local 3062 Happenings
East Tennessee Labor Day Picnic
August 29, 2023
UAW SWFL Retiree Council Meeting Planned
August 28, 2023
2023 UAW Region 8
Standing Committee Conference Cancelled

August 27, 2023

August 21, 2023
Report From UAW Veteran's Conference
North Carolina-South Carolina-Virginia
Civil and Human Rights Meeting

August 20, 2023

August 18, 2023

Region 8 Members Participate
In Strike Conference

August 17, 2023
Local 1821 Supporting Students

August 14, 2023
Happenings At Local 2164
August 13, 2023
Region 8 Voices-
Local 3064 Member Alisha Partain
August 09, 2023
UAW Local 3064 Members In Dry Ridge, KY
Wearing Red For Solidarity Wednesday!

Local 171 Hold Fred Long Memorial Picnic

August 03, 2023
Region 8 Leadership Visit Local 2164
August 02, 2023
Local 2926 Member Patricia Hurst

Who Are we? - UAW!

July 29, 2023
Local 3520 Newsletter
July 26, 2023

UAW CS/IPS Seating And Interiors
Council Meeting

July 19, 2023
President Lincoln’s Cottage Workers Become
The First Washington D.C. Museum to Be Represented By The UAW

July 06, 2023
Independence Day Message From Region 8
June 19, 2023

Local 1407 Civil Rights Committee Join
Cookeville Juneteenth Celebration
June 16, 2023
UAW Region 8 Supports
The Kentucky Sheriffs Boys & Girls Ranch
June 15, 2023
Local 129 Celebrate Solidarity Wednesday
Region 8 Leadership Visit Local 967
June 12, 2023
Retirement Tribute For Region 8's
Own Ray Curry

2023 Special Bargaining Convention Begins
Photos From Day One

January 04, 2023
UAW Local 276 Education Fair

New Officers for Region 8 Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, & Texas Area Women’s Council and Next Talk About It Wednesday Planned


March 20, 2024
UAW Region 8 Spring CAP Meeting
March 19, 2024
Today, Volkswagen Workers In Chattanooga
Filed For Their Election To Join The UAW

March 14, 2024
UAW Local 5287 Members Ramping Up For Contract Talks
March 6, 2024
2024 Financial Officers Conference Day Three
2024 Financial Officers Conference Day Two

March 5, 2024
UAW Northwest Arkanasas Retiree Newsletter 2024
Local 5286 Bargaining Team Hard At Work On Local Contract
March 4, 2024
2024 Financial Officers Conference Begins

March 4, 2024
Bill To Remove The Deadline to
Ratify The Equal Rights Amendment
February 1, 2024

Hyundai Can’t Wait- Alabama Autoworkers Unionizing

Region 8 Launches "Region 8 Vocies" Project

Local 1853 Member Dave Mettetal
Local 862 Member David Firkins
Local 276 Member Juan Martinez

Local 276 Members
JaNaye Haynes-and-Shiesha-Smith
Local 3064 Member Beverly Fryman

Local 2406 Member Bryan Brazell

Local 2409 Member Ethan Kirby
Local 862 Member Tina Jenkins
Local 862 Member Stephanie “Bubbles” Collins

Local 862 Member Penny Rowe
Local 862 Member Joseph Williams
Local 862 Member Vanda Moore

Local 862 Member Telicia Wilson

3036 Member Delisa Sanders
Local 2195 Member Ken Garner

Local 862 Member Rodney Janes

Local 599 Member Ray Davis
Local 3036 Member Renesha Hughes
Local 862 Member Timmy Janes
Local 400 Member Twilla Parker
Local 2195 Member Lue Adams
Local 862 Member Juan Terry

Local 1407 Member Sedric Savage

Local 862 Member Johnny Cordova

Local 1183 Member Mack McDonaugh Local 1407 Member Jenny Gripshover

Local 1407 Member Bailey Bowman
Local 171 Member Chris Keefer

Local 1407 Member Allon Carr
Local 862 Member Nicolas Dean
Local 3058 Member Keith Brown
Local 862 Member Todd Dunn
Local 276 Member Jimmy Mack

Local 2926 Member Austin Arington








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