Welcome to the UAW Region 8 Activist Hall of Fame


Activism is at the heart of what organized labor is all about. The Webster’s Dictionary describes activism as “ an international action to bring about social or political change.” At the heart of organized labor lies the goal of bringing about social change for the betterment of mankind. Through the ages labor has stood as the voice for working class people of all cultures, races, gender and nationality.

The UAW understands the importance of activism, for it was this need for social change that laid the foundations for the UAW. Workers needed a voice; an advocate; a champion for their rights. Through the ages the UAW come to the support and supported many of the great names in social activism. It is in the blood and sweat of these great activist that blazed a trail for others to follow.

Unfortunately our history books do not always tell the story of these great men and women who sacrificed their own needs and desires to take up the cause for others. However, we in labor should never forget the names and deeds of those great warriors who took on the great fight for social change in this and other countries. Their legacy should serve as both an inspiration and motivation for us as we continue to fight for the rights of workers worldwide. It is with this idea that UAW Region 8 dedicates this the UAW Region 8 Activist Hall of Fame to honor the accomplishment and memory of those brave people who dedicated their lives in service to their fellow man.

Great American statesman Horace Mann who is considered by many to be the father of public education in this country is quoted as saying “Be ashamed to die until you have won one victory for humanity.” The members of this the UAW Region 8 Activist Hall of Fame should each rest well, for this list contains the names and deeds of those who have lived up to Horace Mann’s challenge for us all.










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