The goal of the Community Services Department is to work with UAW members and their families to improve and maintain their health, well being, and quality of life through the promotion of education, training, program development and linkages between worksites, labor and the community.

America today is facing an unprecedented assault on the well being of children, the elderly, the poor and families in general. Community empowerment and involvement require shifting the responsibility for planning and decision making from agencies and professionals to the community. Concerted effort is needed to develop a framework of inclusion of UAW members working together to build coalitions between union and community groups, both formal and informal, in all volunteer and prevention effort.

The Community Services Department along with UAW Regions--

- Assist local unions to develop and strengthen their Community Services Committees.

- Conduct conferences, seminars, institutes, and special workshops to assist our members, their families, and communities.

- Assist local unions and work with state, county and local United Way agencies during strikes, plant closings and long-term unemployment.

- Help local UAW community services committees to develop union awareness and education in the areas of prevention of substance abuse, domestic violence and workplace violence.

The Community Services Department along with local union Community Services Committees support, endorse and volunteer for agencies such as the American Red Cross and United Way. These agencies assist our members and the community at large when disaster strikes, whether that disaster is a tornado or a plant closing.

UAW Region 8 members have a relationship with agencies that support all of their perspective communities. It is a sincere commitment, motivated by a desire to help those who may not be able to help themselves. IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.






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