February 7, 2014

NC/SC Civil and Human Rights Council

   The NC/SC Civil and Human Rights Council have brought its Coalition back together, after a lengthy absence, because of contract negotiations and local union elections. The Council met on Jan 25th at GM Local 2404’s Union Hall in Charlotte NC.

     On the agenda for the day was the introduction of the New DTNA Council Officers, Local 3520’s President Cory Hill and Union and Community Activist Coreen Mack. The meeting was opened with a big welcome by Council President Ricky McDowell.  President McDowell recognized and thanked all in attendance. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer and a Moment of Silence, the meeting kicked off with reports from all the locals. Locals gave reports of various events and a lot of community involvements.

      President Ricky McDowell and the DTNA council gave some insight on how bargaining was going and how tough negotiations were for the negotiating teams from all Locals involved. After some big group hugs and a lot of promises, the NC/SC Civil and Human Rights Council vowed full support to the DTNA Council.

      President Cory Hill gave a full report on North Carolina’s situation with the Governor and the Moral Monday protest. Cory vowed to continue the movement and invited all the Locals to show and join support of the actions of the NAACP and NC AFL-CIO.

     Coreen Mack addressed the Council, with a history of what has happened locally and what the plans of the future for Labor in NC. Coreen also stressed the importance of local protest and community involvement. Coreen also stressed the importance of women joining the fight for justice. Coreen also spoke on the Charlotte review boards decisions of local police officer cases, and the reason why everyone should speak out if you feel the decisions are WRONG! Not downing the local Police Officer’s Association, but one must know when “Wrong is Wrong”!

     Now what would a NC/SC Council Meeting be without the food? President Ricky McDowell had to recognize and throw in the towel for the spread Local 2404 put on.  Lasagna, Parmesan Chicken and buttered noodles won the approval of all that were in attendance. After a big recognition to the Chef, Ricky and the Council vowed to patronize and support the Chef in events that the Council was having or supported.

      The meeting closed with a Love Offering for Super Member Tony Hawkins, who is ill and couldn’t be present. Also, the council added new events to their upcoming agenda. The council is going to support the Moral Monday events, support a neighbor in Rockhill SC, and support the SC Lions. The Council also set the location for the next meeting, it will be held at Local 5286 Gastonia Parts Plant.

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