UAW active and retired members aren’t the kind of people who sit on the sidelines: We get involved in issues, help out our neighbors and try to be where there is a need.

And today there definitely is need for members to place greater emphasis on winning social and economic justice. There is strength in numbers and we begin to win that justice when we all stand together.

How can you help? The UAW has launched a new member mobilization activism program called “GimmeFIVE.” It is designed to recruit and engage members to organize, build power and win justice.                            

  “A major challenge we have is to show the broader public that the union movement is a vital leader for economic change,” said UAW President Bob King, who launched the program during the union’s 35th Constitutional Convention. “We need to have members involved not only in their local union issues, but in some of the broad policy issues that impact the lives of families in our communities.”

GimmeFIVE (PowerPoint) simply asks members to recommit to the union by participating and completing five (5) different activities in each of the following areas: Organizing, Mobilizing, Community Involvement and Political Action. Members are also asked to recruit five members to do the same. Members who complete each segment will receive recognition buttons. But the real reward is a stronger union that has the power to win justice for working families, King said.

“Our hope is that the ‘GimmeFIVE’ program’s national scope, use of new technology, and increased participation will generate renewed commitment for the work of our union,” King said. “It will also broadcast our greater solidarity to the public.”

Joining GimmeFIVE is as simple as sending a text:

Text JOIN to 9975. You will receive a confirmation text welcoming you to the GimmeFIVE




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