September 13, 2013

UAW Local 1296 Retiree's Committee Salute WWII Veterans

On Sept 11th 2013, UAW Local 1296 retiree's gathered for a special picnic not only to remember those affected by the tragedy that took place on this day back in 2001, but to honor three of our own who served our great country during World War II. Brothers Glenn Haugh Sr (20 years seniority) Paul Martin (41 years seniority) both of Waynesboro PA served in the United States Navy and William "Bud" Kuykendall of Greencastle PA served in the United States Army. Brother Barry Avey and Brother Bernie Snooderly (Chair and Vice Chair UAW Local 1296 Retiree's Committee) spoke at this special picnic and thanked our brothers for serving our country. Brother Jim Rogers (CAP Region 8) thanked not only the veterans but the Retirees Committee for organizing this special event. Brother Russell Miley,(Chair for Local 1296 Veteran's Committee) presented plaques to these individuals to thank them for their service. Brother Haugh served all over the Pacific from 1944-46 and witnessed some terrible atrocities. Brother Martin served onboard U.S.S. Orleck DD866 during WWII, Brother Martin was 18 when he was drafted right out of High School onto a Navy ship. Brother Kuykendall was not present. UAW Local 1296 Salutes all of our brave men and women seving in our Armed Forces.

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