Local Industry City
298 Raytheon St. Petersburg, Florida
323 Retiree GM CCA Jacksonville, Florida
788 Lockheed/Martin Orlando, Florida
1522 Dayron Orlando, Florida
1649 Chrysler Parts Orlando, Florida
1649 Chrysler Office Orlando, Florida
1649 Ryder Trucking Orlando, Florida
1649 Exel Orlando, Florida
1707 Mauldin Trucks Orlando, Florida
1821 Lockheed/Martin Ocala, Florida
1981 Freelance Writers Statewide
2278 Education Broward County, Florida 
2278 Education Dade County, Florida 
2278 Education Duval County, Florida 
2278 Education Manatee County, Florida 
2278 Education Lake County , Florida
2278 Education Palm Beach County, Florida 
2278 Education Volusia County, Florida
2278 Education St. Lucie County, Florida
2278 Education Pasco County, Florida 
2320 Legal Service of Grt Miami Miami, Florida
2320 Orlando G.O.A.L.S. Orlando, Florida
2320 Northwest Florida Legal Service Pensacola, Florida
2420 Volvo Mack PDC Jacksonville, Florida
6520 Colomer USA Jacksonville, Florida
8868 Dania Jai-Alai Dania, Florida
8868 Orlando Jai-Alai Orlando, Florida
8868 Florida Gaming Ft. Pierce, Florida
8868 Florida Gaming Miami, Florida
8868 Florida Gaming Ocala, Florida
8868 Florida Gaming Tampa, Florida
8868 Ocala Jai-Alai Ocala, Florida
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