June 27, 2024
Day Five UAW Region 8 2024 Summer School

The 2024 UAW Region 8 Summer School wrapped up on Thursday, June 27, 2024. The last day was a full slate of activities beginning with department reports in the morning, with the afternoon closing out their classes on a wife variety of UAW subjects.

Tom Savage, retired UAW Region 8 Staff gave a report from his work with the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Boys & Girls Ranch. Each year the Ranch has a summer camp and UAW Region 8 is a major sponsor of the camp, with Tom Savage facilitating the camp. Tom recalled the impact the camp made on the lives of those young people who participated in the camp.

Tom Savage also taught the teenage class this week for the children of the Region 8 members attending the conference. Tom has taught this class for a few years and has become a popular gathering for the teenagers at the conference. The members of the class reported out on what they learned. Deandra Welsh, whose father Paul Welsh is a Local 1853 member related how her father used to work three jobs to support their family. Because of the UAW, he can now support their family with one job, allowing his time with the family. Other participants told what they learned of union history and the struggles of working class people.

Region 8 Director Tim Smith recognized Tom Savage for his continued support and efforts in retirement. He awarded Tom with the Director’s Union Leader coin for his work above and beyond expectations for this membership.

Afterwards Director Smith had the hotel staff that has taken good care of our Summer School Delegates come in to be recognized. “The staff here has been great and we want to give you an opportunity to express your thanks for their work this week,” Director Smith stated. The Hotel Director of Services asked to hear the Who Are We chant and Director Smith and the delegation obliged them. ¬†


UAW Region 8 Educational Representative David Firkins kicked things off by presenting a report on educational opportunities for Region 8 members. He covered the training available for Region 8 members including online programs anyone can sign up for.

Kevin Pack of the UAW President’s Department gave a report on appeals process. He discussed what an appeal is and how it works.

Jeff Balfour of the International Union Sourcing Department gave a presentation on defending and securing our work. He covered how organizing helps build our power, protect our communities and grow our movement. “This is our work our future and our communities,” Balfour said. “We aren’t interested in bonuses for the CEO, we are interested in profitable work that builds a future for our members, the next generation of members and securing our communities.”

Following lunch, the delegates returned to their classrooms for the last day of instructions.

Everyone needs to extend their thanks to the leadership and staff of UAW Region 8 for their hard work, organizing and presenting this year’s educational experience for over 300 Region 8 members.





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