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Local 129 Members Standing In Support of
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President Biden Urges Striking Auto Workers To ‘Stick With It’ In Picket Line Visit Unparalleled In History

UAW Local 862 Host Stand Up Rally

UAW Expands Strike Against GM and Stellantis

Click on Detroit: UAW: More workers to strike if ‘serious progress’ isn’t made with Big Three by Friday 

The Hill: UAW president vows more strikes if no progress by noon Friday 

September 28, 2023
Region 8 Director Tim Smith visited striking member on September 27 and 28. Director Smith and members of Region 8 staff walked the line in solidarity with members of Local 2406 in Memphis TN.

Andrew Spar, President of Florida Education Association and Kender Plowden, an Executive Assistant at F.E.A join striking UAW members at local 1649 in Orlando.
Region 8 Director Tim Smith Visits Picket Lines in Georgia and West Virginia

UAW Region 8 Director Tim Smith Visits Picket Lines at Local 868 in Atlanta. He was joined by Teamsters Local 728. Then he visited the picket line at Local 1590 at Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Region 8 Members on the Picket Line September 25, 2023

UAW Region 8 Director Tim Smith Visits Picket Lines at Locals 860, 816 and 2360

AD George Palmer joins Local 1649 Orlando, FL on the picket line.

Local 2083
Region 8 Members on the Picket Line September 24, 2023
Local 2404
Local 2360
Region 8 Members on the Picket Line September 23, 2023

NAACP walking the line with UAW Local 2406 Memphis, Tennessee.

Local 2083 Tuscaloosa Alabama

2360 Stellantis Mopar Dallas TX

Local 2404 Charlotte, North Carolina
UAW Local 2406 on the news live Memphis, Tennessee.

Local 2083 Enters Day Three of Strike

Today members of UAW Local 2083 at ZF ibn Tuscaloosa, Alabama signing up for strike pay and benefits.

September 22, 2023

UAW Expands Strike At Detroit Three

UAW Local 2404 GM Charlotte, North Carolina, parts distribution center on strike.

UAW Local 868 PDC Mopar in Atlanta, Georgia Standing Up.

September 18, 2023

Local 1853 are ready and waiting their call to “Stand Up!”

Local 862 Send Bus to Bargaining Rally
Local 862 from Louisville, Kentucky traveled to Detroit on September 15, 2023 to participate in a rally in support of Detroit Three Bargaining!






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