July 12, 2023

UAW Local 1853 Women’s Committee Give
Back to Maury County Schools!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Women’s Committee at UAW Local 1853 has had a rough time being able to raise money for our school supplies program. This year all of that changed however, as the Women’s Committee was gifted over 27 pallets of school supplies (valued over $130,000)!

Due to these generous donations, we were able to give these supplies to over 6000+ students (14 different schools and including several Special Needs Teachers).

Every student in Maury County schools from grades pre-K thru 4th grade will start the year with an eight pack of pencils, spiral notebook, filler paper, a composition book, box of crayons, and portfolios. Each teachers received pens, highlighters, and sharpies.

The art teachers received color pencils, color markers, scissors, and glue. Pictures below are some of the schools, but we were unable to take all schools, teachers, and charities.

We also donated a van full of supplies to Maury County Boys and Girls Club and The Catholic Charity of Maury County received a car and truck load. The Catholic Charity of Maury County was able to share some of the supplies with its sister charity - Catholic Charity in Nashville.

The Women’s Committee also has some supplies left over that will be used in January, some of which we donated to the Union Hall. A special Thanks to Cathy Busbee for playing a big role getting these items gifted to Local 1853 Women’s Committee!

In solidarity,

Sherry Creps

Local 1853 Women’s Committee Chair






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