June 26, 2023

Day Two UAW Region 8 Summer School

Text and photos by UAW Region 8 Webmaster John Davis

Day two of the 2023 Summer School kicked off with a VCAP drawing, prayer, national anthem and pledge of allegiance. AD George Palmer welcomed the delegates and recognized the Region 8 staff and support, including his clerical Mary Jo Nichols. Director Tim Smith recognized his clerical Shannon Patrick.

Education Director Jason Thomas started staff introductions as the entire Region 8 staff introduced themselves and talked about their assignments. A presentation on the Education Department and the classes that are offered by the International Union was presented.

Jeff Dokho, Director of the UAW Research Department gave a presentation on the called the Big Three by the numbers and transition to electric vehicles. Jeff made his presentation via zoom. Currently one in four vehicles being sold in America are plug in vehicles so the market is there and it is growing. It is important these vehicles be made in union made shops as the market grows. One of the issues UAW members faces is the companies that don’t break their operating profit down by region. This increases the difficulty in make sure profit sharing is fair and equitable to our members. It is important as we organize these new EV plants such as the battery plants, it is important we bring them under the UAW umbrella and ensure contracts for these facilities reflect their ICE counterparts.

With Detroit Three contract talks looming this fall, understanding the issues facing the industry and our membership is important.

Following lunch Summer School participants broke out into classes. Collective Bargaining, Grievance Handling, Young Workers, Retirees, CAP, were among the things covered in the daily classes.




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