March 27, 2024
Region 8 Director Tim Smith Addresses Belmont Law Students

Today Director Smith visited Belmont University College of Law to discuss Labor Unions and the UAW. Director Smith addressed around 30 law students ranging from new to final year students. He gave a speech covering topics including, “What Solidarity is”, “What Unions are Really Like”, “How Future Lawyers Can Show Solidarity with the Working Class”, and “How Unions Won things like the 8-hour workday, child labor prohibitions, civil rights, and apprenticeships”.

Students spent about twenty minutes afterwards asking questions about the labor movement. The law students were left with a message that helping support the labor movement not only helps workers it drives our economy and improves the livelihood of the whole country. Director Smith congratulated them on being close to finishing law school and said he looked forward to possibly working with them one day whether they were on the union or management side. However, he told them if they were on the management side, they better be ready!





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