April 24, 2023

UAW Region 8 Conducts Organizing and Civil and Human Rights Training in North Carolina

Education and training are some of the most important things we do as a union. Insuring members and representatives have the tools they need to do their job is vital.

Recently Organizing and Civil and Human Rights training was held at Local 3520 in Mount Holly, North Carolina on April 22, 2023. Training on Discrimination & Harassment was conducted by Cynthia Harris from the Civil & Human Rights Department with attendees from Locals 5287, 5286, 5285, 2069, 2404 & 3520. The training was organized by Region 8 Assistant Director George Palmer and UAW Region 8 Representatives Bob Riggins. 

In the same building Organizing Training was being presented by International Representative Oten Wyatt. A total of 24 members participated in the organizing training. “We enjoyed the enthusiasm they had not only for organizing the non-union workers but also the determination to work with the younger workers,” Representative Wyatt stated. ¬†“Unfortunately many of our younger members know little about the union and think the company gives them everything. Understanding we need a UAW presence in North Carolina, it was shocking to us to learn that Carolina is 97% non-union.”  

Assisting in the training were AD Gord Lilley, Staff Adrian Millsap, Michael Hollingworth, Avery Grigsby, Member Organizers Yolanda Swift and Candice Watts.





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