February 8, 2023

White Shirt Day Celebration This Friday

Each year the UAW celebrates White Shirt Day on February 11th, by wearing a white-collar shirt to honor the brave men and women of all the sit down strikes in 1936 & 1937.  The Flint Sit down strike ended on February 11, 1937.  Not only did the men sit down and strike, but the Women’s Emergency Brigade went to work outside to protect, support, and keep them nourished so the workers inside could be successful. Some celebrate white shirt day by adding a red beret in honor of the Emergency Brigade.

This year due to February 11th being on a Saturday, the locations that do not work on Saturday will be honoring the day on Friday, February 10th.  Please remember to wear your white shirts on Friday or Saturday this week!! 

Included is an article by Todd Dunn, President of UAW Local 862 in Louisville, KY. 

 Thank you

Todd for your great work!

In Solidarity,

Amanda Goins

International Representative

Women’s Liaison

UAW Region 8






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