January 17, 2023

Local 2406 Celebrates Dr. King Holiday

Today we're celebrating a man who started a Movement. Doctor Martin L. King, who was a visionary and Activist. We started our day of celebration with a March. We joined with the Teamsters Local 667 for and hour march to another Ceremony held by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at Army Park downtown Memphis TN. Than we joined AFSCME 1733, (the reason for Dr. M.L.King visit to the city that year) for a luncheon and small program. We ended the day with the Teamters at the Memphis Grizzlies game in celebration of Dr. Martin L. King Day. The Grizzlies and the Sun's, the Grizzlies WON. It was a great day of celebration. 

Picture with me, Evelina 'Cookie' Warlix CAP chairperson, Adrian Millsap International organizer and Glinder Louis,VP local 2406...

In Solidarity

VP, Glinder Louis Local 2406








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