Sept. 22, 2023

Texas AFL-CIO Statement of Solidarity on UAW Auto Strike Coming to Texas Facilities

As the United Auto Workers strike spreads to Texas facilities, the Texas

AFL-CIO, on behalf of our 240,000 members, supports and stands in

complete solidarity with striking UAW workers in our state and beyond.

We are grateful to the thousands of UAW members who have put it all on

the line for their jobs, their families and our communities. The livelihoods of

workers everywhere are at stake, and we will honor this struggle by

supporting it with everything we have. We call on all our members, retirees

and allies to do the same.


We also call on the “Big 3” to negotiate in good faith toward a fair contract.

Stop hoarding your billions of dollars in profits and provide the workers who

created that wealth their fair share.


In this season, where so many workers are realizing the power of their

collective action, we intend to do everything in our power to support UAW

strikers until victory is in hand.






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