September 20, 2023

Local 2083 Votes Down ZF Offer, Rallies For Strong Contract

It’s not just Big Three UAW members fighting for justice. Autoworkers across the supply chain, across the country, are on the move. In Alabama, workers at ZF who make parts for Mercedes have voted down the company’s latest contract offer and are holding out for a better deal.

Region 8 Director Tim Smith, along with several Region 8 International Staff, recently joined the leadership of Local 2083 in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Regional leadership distributed leaflets to members at the worksite to educate, share information and provide an update on contract talks between the UAW and ZF industries.

During several meetings, Director Smith addressed the membership on a number of topics.

He led a solidarity chant to conclude the events:

“Are we ready to fight?” Smith asked those in attendance.
“Yes!” Local 2083 members responded.
“Who are we?” Smith exuberantly asked with his fist in the air.
“UAW!” was the response.
“Can’t hear you!”
“One more time!”

Local 2083 is standing in solidarity to fight for their right to have a strong contract and support their future.





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