February 27, 2024

UAW SWFL Retiree Council Meeting March 12, 2024


We hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable Valentine's Day.

Bill Sauers from the AFL-CIO will speak on behalf of Social Security and take questions from the membership.

We would love to hear about any feedback regarding the children from the Partnership of Schools and their presentation.

The Trust will be here to take and answer any questions you may have at the April meeting.

As always, the Drop-In Center is open on Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm.  Bring all pertinent information related to your questions with you.  Or you can call us with questions, during these days.  If not available, leave a message with your name and telephone number so we can return your call.  The office phone number is 239-936-6715.

In Solidarity,
Joe Bigelow, President
Michael Stachowski, Vice President 
Jim Getts, Financial Secretary
Cindy Stachowski, Recording Secretary
Rob Hillier, Trustee
Joe Stefanov, Trustee
Jeff (Ray) Brobst,  Trustee
Andy Medar, Sargent-At Arms






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