April 23, 2024

Workers At Volkswagen Vote For Union Representation

April 19, 2024 was an historic day for Region 8, as workers at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee Assembly Plant vote overwhelmingly to make the UAW their bargaining agent. Today’s victory is the culmination of an effort that goes back for ten years. Our last election narrowly missed, after interference from Tennessee politicians spreading misinformation. Today those workers who have worked so diligently for so long are vindicated.

Today’s victory proves what happens when workers stand together in solidarity. It has been solidarity that has won every victory for Working Class Americans. From the early trade guilds in New York City, to the coal mines of Appalachia, to the railroads across the plains and finally to the auto companies of the Midwest, workers have stood shoulder to shoulder and said we are one. When we all stand together, nor force on Earth is greater.

While this is a great victory, the next battle begins through organizing a local and winning their first contract. UAW Region 8 will be there with them every step of the way, lending support and guidance. Tonight we celebrate this victory for our newest members of the UAW and tomorrow we hit the ground running, building another great local within our movement!

Tim Smith
UAW Region 8 Director
“Who Are We? UAW!”




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