May 10, 2022

Region 8 Ford Oval of Honor

The Kentucky Derby festivities brought a new event this year for Ford Motor Company and its employees. Ford Motor Company is now the official sponsor of the Churchill Downs track and this year was extra special due to the fact that there were three individuals from the Commonwealth of Kentucky that were awarded the Ford Oval Of Honor award. President Todd Dunn of Local 862 was recognized for his service in Desert Storm/Shield as a Sergeant E-5 and his continued service to his country and his Local 862 Membership of approximately 15 thousand active and almost 5 thousand retirees and a very active Veterans Committee. He was also recognized for his service to Active Heroes where he has helped guide the efforts in growing the Active Heroes Ranch of 147 Acres where UAW/Ford has facilitated approximately 1.5 Million Dollars in improvements of two visitor cabins, pavilion and retreat welcome center which resides on UAW Ford Way. President Dunn represents union members at the Kentucky Truck Plant and the Louisville Assembly Plant in Louisville Kentucky.

The second honoree was Sergeant Major Monty Lash who is currently a salary representative of the Kentucky Truck Plant. He served in Afghanistan and was awarded the Legion of Merit Award which is one of the highest honors in the country. His service to his country molded so many of our service men and women and led in over 150 combat missions. Monty now navigates through his leadership in the managing of the SUV Trim Department at the Kentucky Truck Plant.

The third honoree is lifted up by Dunn and Lash as the lead recipient of the Ford Oval of Honor. The parents of Brandon Mullins Specialist E-4 during the Afghanistan conflict and posthumously Ford Oval Of Honor recipient were recognized as they lost their son to battle at the young age of 21. They have created the 501-3-C Kentucky The Brandon Scott Mullins Memorial Foundation recognizing his final mission on August 25, 2011 when his unit was attacked by an improvised explosive device.

The three days of recognition from Sunday the first of May at the Ford Oval Of Honor Ceremony at the Churchill Down Museum and then later that day in the Ky Derby Parade riding in Mustang Convertible’s, to the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby Parade on Saturday the 7th of May where all three recipients and family members attended events together. There was a few calls made and due to the events that unfolded and the untold story shared on Oaks Day about the foundation, $4100.00 was donated to the foundation in just over a hour. The biggest highlight was when Rich Strike a late entry to the Kentucky Derby field of horses at 80-1, made a unbelievable run at the winner of the Garland of Roses and achieved that very dream. Tommy Mullins and Cathy Mullins the parents of Brandon had their day answered where Rich Strike horse number “21” won the Derby against all odds, and it was shared among the recipients that a Day Early “Happy Mothers Day” was sent to the track for his mother. “I am still with you Mom have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Since the recent days that these three families shared their lives together a continued bond is in the planning stages of benefiting and -participating together in recognizing our service men and women of our great country. “GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.






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