July 14, 2022
Region 8 Director Mitchell Smith Joins Local 2850 Members on the Picket Line

July 12, 2022
UAW Local 2850 Members Standing Strong

Members of UAW Local 2850 continue to be on strike, making this the tenth day on the picket line. Another negotiating session was scheduled for today, July 12, 2022.

Members of Local 2850 are standing strong as together they fight for better working conditions and compensation that is fair for their labor.

“Solidarity is the key to winning a successful contract,” states Region 8 Assistant Director Tim Smith. “Our members here at Local 2850 are standing strong. I encourage all members of Region 8 to remember these brothers and sisters in your thoughts and prayers as they stand for each other, their families and their community.”

July 10, 2022

UAW Local 2850 Strike Continues

July 6, 2022

UAW Local 2850 members at Marion, Virginia went on strike Friday, July 02, 2022. The 278 members of Local 2850 work for General Dynamic and provide technology for the United States Armed Forces.

UAW Region 8 Assistant Director was on hand to assist in negotiations and to join the members on the picket line. “Our members here at Local 2850 are standing in solidarity for a fair contract,” Assistant Director Smith states. “It is an honor and a privilege for me to stand with them here in Marion.” ¬†





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