December 11, 2022

Region 8 Director Celebrates Mitchell Smith On His Retirement

On Friday December 09, 2023, Region 8 leadership and staff met to honor Director Mitchell Smith as he retires. The meeting was part of the annual CAP Planning and Budget meeting held in Nashville, Tennessee.

Director Smith is retiring after being a UAW member since 1986, after being hired at the Atlanta Ford Plant and joining local 882. Mitch worked as a maintenance electrician at the facility and became active in the local union. In 1987 he was elected to the skilled trades committee. Between 1987 and 1999 he served on the skilled trades committee and as a member of the unit bargaining committee. Along the way he served resolutions committee chair, a member of the International Skilled Trades Advisory Committee and a member of Sub Council No. 2 and Sub Council No. 3.

In 2002, Mitchell Smith was elected Building Chairperson and served in that capacity until 2005 when he was appointed to the International Staff by President Ron Gettelfinger. On staff, Mitch serviced locals across Region 8 and then moved to organizing and eventually served as assistant director of the union’s Transnational Department, which services and assists employees working at Japanese, South Korean and German original equipment manufacturers and German parts suppliers in the United States.

In 2018, the delegates of the 37th Constitutional Convention elected him Region 8 Director. During the past four years Director Smith oversaw the addition of nine states to Region 8 as the region’s territory stretched from coast to coast. As a member of the International Executive Board, Director Smith served with distinction representing our Region in a manner that reflected positively on every member.

The retirement recognition began with Director Smith addressing those in attendance, expressing his thanks for the opportunity to serve this membership, to the staff and clerical staff for all their work. Lastly he thanked his family for their support through the years. “It is all about the membership,” Director Smith stated. “They are why we do the things we do. All the hours away from home, all the late night phone calls- that is why we are here.”

Assistant Director Tim Smith came forward with the Region 8 Staff and presented Mitch with a plaque for his years of service. Region 8 Representative Amanda Goins ran a video she had put together of different people across the region wishing Mitch well in his retirement. Click here to watch the video.

The clerical staff came next with Mary Jo Nicoles presenting a gift from the group to Mitch. Assistant Director Tim Smith and Region 8 Webmaster John Davis then presented a Photo Book of memories from the past four years. To view the tribute book click here.

The last presentation came from Tracey Romero from the International Staff who worked with Mitch on the organizing efforts at Volkswagen at Chattanooga. Tracey recalled stories from the campaign and presented Mitch with a box of photos and mementos from their time in organizing.

We all wish Mitch well as he finally gets to go home to Charmaine, the kids and grandkids. Happy retirement to Mitchell Smith!

Mitch and Charmaine Smith





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