September 10, 2022

Mason Matters

Due to the powerful message of the state conference of the NAACP The United Auto Workers union became aware of the plight of Mason TN. It is a well-known fact that the United Auto Workers have fought for almost 100 years for the well-being of the everyday working man and woman.

United Auto Workers Regional Director Mitchell Smith, a former Ford employee contacted Miss Gloria J. Sweetlove, President of the Tennessee State Conference of the NAACP concerning this most important issue. Director Smith and the United Auto Workers leadership were informed of the situation in Mason.

The city of Mason had incurred a huge debt based on previous administration mismanagement.

In February, state comptroller Jason Mumpower was trying to take over the town and remove all local control.  The state conference of the NAACP filed a successful lawsuit on behalf of Mason to stop the takeover due to the current leadership’s commitment to repay the debt.

 This coupled with the news that Ford Motor Company had committed to build “Blue Oval City” which is a huge facility to build electric vehicles.

This fact along that the State of Tennessee seemed intent on taking over this small community the United Auto Workers made a commitment to assist Mason, Tennessee with the repayment of that debt.

 Under the direction of Director Mitchell Smith and Assistant Director Tim Smith, dues paying members of the United Auto Workers donated $5,100 which is equal to a monthly utility fund repayment effort to the state of Tennessee.

NAACP State Conference President Gloria J. Sweetlove and State Conference 1st Vice President Tom Savage a retired United Auto Worker International Representative made a check presentation at the Mason City Council meeting.

Mr. Savage stated that the UAW wants everyone to know that “Mason Matters.” Protecting the rights of workers everywhere has long been the mission of the United Auto Workers Union and supporting this community as they look toward a brighter future is one small part of moving our state and nation forward.  




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