April 5, 2022

Local 1853 Drilling Hope for Others

Good morning,

Did you know that UAW Local 1853 has built 4 water wells in Kenya to provide safe and healthy drinking water to over 1,200 people in several villages?

Shop Chairman Danny Taylor and Local 1853 President Cathy Busbee championed this remarkable joint fundraiser with Spring Hill Manufacturing to accomplish this successful global outreach fundraiser. They, along with the remarkable members of Local 1853, helped several struggling and impoverished communities to have a safe, clean, and healthy water source. Our global outreach joint venture has truly raised the bar, and no other UAW/GM facility has done something of this magnitude, jointly.

Not only did we supply access to safe water we also held training sessions that focused on improved hygiene, health, and sanitation habits in all the communities. We also provided a dedicated session on COVID-19 symptoms, transmission routes, and prevention best practices.

This achievement of caring and giving reflects the spirt and goodness that UAW Local 1853 displays day after day. Caring for all people is the union spirit. The attached video is evidence of this.

Please share this fabulous and caring story with our UAW family.


Brian Costantino

UAW Communications Resource


A thank you from the people of Kenya!




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