June 23, 2022

Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch Summer Camp

The United Auto Workers Union Region 8, under the leadership of Regional Director Mitch Smith and Assistant Director Tim Smith assigned UAW Retired International Education Representative, Tom Savage as a volunteer to speak to campers attending the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch Summer Camp.

The boys and girls ranch leaders are dedicated to redirecting the lives of troubled and underprivileged children in Kentucky and Tennessee to build their self-esteem, moral character, and teach them to have respect for themselves as well as law enforcement professionals and to not be afraid of law enforcement.

Brother Savage spoke to the young campers about child labor laws. He explained to them that years ago they would not be allowed to be a kid or teenager, in that time they would be forced to work in factories and provide for their families. They were happy to know that organized labor UAW helped to do away with a law that forced children to work instead of going to school. The campers were rhetorically introduced to the UAW membership and history and there was time for Q & A. The young campers from the commonwealth of Kentucky were proud to know that the Ford 150 and other Ford and Lincoln automobiles are made in Louisville Kentucky. After the group was enlightened that the Chevrolet Corvette is produced in Bowling Green Kentucky, the UAW provided notepad was filled with request for a new Corvette. There were also campers representing the state of Tennessee who were proud to know that their state produces vehicles such as Cadillacs and the new Electric lyric Cadillac SUV. All were amazed to learn that auto workers make planters peanuts and merita bread.

Region 8 donated backpacks full of UAW goodies. The sheriffs ranch staff was very grateful for the support of the leaders and membership of Region 8. At the end of the day, the councilors and leadership staff ask for the UAW’s continued partnership, sponsorship and ask that our great region send councilors next year.





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