April 28, 2017

President Williams' Workers Memorial Day Statement

“It is estimated that twelve workers lose their life on the job every day in the United States. This is unacceptable and affects many of us in many ways; spouses become widows, children lose a mother or father, co-workers lose a friend and we, as a union, lose a brother or sister.

On April 28th, we take time to reflect and remember those who went to work but unfortunately never returned home because they lost their life while on the job.

Today we are reminded to remain vigilant in the workplace and in the halls of State Legislatures and Congress to protect us all from workplace injuries and fatalities. There is much work to do be done.

This year alone anti-worker, right wing Members of Congress have been working to gut workplace protections -- even going so far as to pass a law to recklessly eliminate common sense, long standing recordkeeping policies that simply required large employers in hazardous industries to keep their health and safety records for five years. These same politicians are now threatening to slash funding for workplace inspectors which will make it harder to make sure companies are following our laws.

Speaking up and taking precautions in the workplace saves lives. And advocating against efforts by politicians to weaken safety regulations, safety enforcement, and record keeping saves lives as well. Now more than ever we must speak up for safety in the workplace”

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