March 11, 2014

UAW Veterans attend National CAP Conference and pay respects at Arlington National Cemetery and Tomb of the Unknowns.

During the week of February 1 thru 5, the National Veterans Advisory Committee, (NVAC) attend the 2014 National CAP Conference in Washington D C.

The NVAC is made up of appointed veterans from all across the United States representing the different regions of the UAW nationally. Vice President Joe Ashton is the Director of the International UAW Veterans Affairs Dept.

Our duties at the conference varied in detail, ranging from the NVAC Color Guard posting the colors, attending the opening program and attending lobbyist sessions.

In conjunction the NVAC, along with Veterans Dept. coordinators , planned the up-coming National UAW Veterans Conference in Black Lake. August 24—29, 2014.

Combing thru the 2013 Veterans Conference surveys is always interesting, having a very diverse membership that carries over to veterans that serve in the UAW as well. We have retiree's and current members that have served our nation well. From WWII , Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, peace time and on into today's combat actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Working together we make great effort to put together a national conference that's suits the needs and desires of the entire delegation. The 2014 conference will  be no exception.

During the week, the Veterans Affairs Dept, including the NVAC had the privilege to visit Arlington National Cemetery and the opportunity to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. It was a great moment, with deep personal feelings for each of us, extremely precise, reverent, our nation's most hallowed ground is, “Where Dignity and Honor Rest”.  Pres. Bob King, Sec. Tres. Dennis Williams, V.P. Joe Ashton and our own NVAC member Jim Taylor presented the UAW wreath to the Tomb of picUnknowns. It was a very a very important moment with solemn emotions to each UAW member in the crowd. Saluting to the rendering of taps at Arlington gave such pride and and reenforced that we will never forget and to also do right and justice for those who served.

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