Christmas Poem’s By
Russell Logan Local 1413 Retiree Chairperson

Last Tree
I may have not been as pretty as all the rest
As I was standing on the lot, I tried my best
Once I was alive, growing on a little hill
Soaking up the rain and sun, my branches to fill.

I had one goal to fill in my life
To decorate a home for a man and his wife.
To be covered in lights and shiny balls,
To see Christmas morning, as the kids come down the halls.

But alas it was not meant to be for me
As Christmas is over, and I was not taken as a Christmas tree.
I sit here in front of this fine store
Just me all alone and nothing more.

The snow and cold have come over me
Oh how I wish I had been a prettier tree.
My friends are all warm in somebody's house
It is all I can do to protect the store's mouse.

I wonder what will happen to me
My roots are all gone and it gets hard to see
I guess I'll end up in some land fill
I wish some how, I could just go back to my hill.

Christmas Meeting

The first of December
Down at the hall
Having a luncheon
If the room is not to small.
Local 1413 Retirees
Are a great bunch
With those from 1929
We'll have a great lunch
A Christmas Party for
Those at are there
Those who can't make it
We will send them a prayer
For U.A.W. Retirees
Are really proud folks
Remembering the old times
Even telling some jokes
Soon it will be over
Each going their way
With warm feelings from me
A safe and Happy Holiday.


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