Fall 2003
From The Director
How can I become a union activist?

More Freightliner workers climb on board
Georgian parts distributors vote UAW, 42-6




No greater reward
Local 737’s rescue squad has been helping others for 33 years



Turning Chrome into gold
It’s what UAW members do all the time


They ‘give some’ every year
Local 2069 veterans hold 10th annual Ride for Freedom




Summer 2003

It’s only one job ... or is it?
With FTAA, multinational corporations will have greater financial incentives to move jobs and expand production across all borderlines from the North Pole to the South Pole. Companies will be able to cut costs and increase profits by exploiting impoverished workers like Bonita in developing countries.

From The Director
In politics, it’s what we do in-between that counts.
Many issues face working America today. Not only are we suffering the effects of NAFTA, but the administration is pushing its so-called “free trade” agenda to all of Central and South America.

Bass are a’ bitin’ in Florida And Local 788 members are ready to catch them
The anglers prepared to wet their lines and the Central Florida Paralyzed Veterans of America’s 17th Annual Bass Fishing Tournament was on.

And the winner is …
Six Region 8 local unions take honors at UAW editors’ conference

The lockout continues
Local 1832 out more than eight months

Truckers roll on Local 1577 first Ryder local in UAW

From black dust … a diamond
Still union after all these years

In Drums, Pa., there sits a 100-year-old man in a nursing home. He is one of the oldest UAW members in the world. Though partially blind and paralyzed, his mind is still alert. His greatest joys are visits from his daughter with her reading Solidarity magazine to him.


Spring 2003

Once Doors Were Slammed in Their Faces
Now Freightliner workers have the power of their own union

From the Director
It's your union. Help make it grow

Peterbilt Finds Out
When you've taken on one, you've taken on all of us


They Must Be Giants
Small local stands up to corporate power, greed

Bringing Labor, Community Together
Florida local co-sponsors Festival for the People

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