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July 26, 2022

Day Two of the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention

Day two of the 38th Constitutional Convention was called to order at 9 AM. President Ray Curry called the convention to order and introduced Patrick Klein from Local 2164 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Brother Klein is the Head Chaplin for Local 2164 and presented the invocation for the morning.

Next UAW Region 1A Director Laura Dickerson came forward to introduced US Congressional Representative Debbie Dingell. Representative Dingle is the widow of John Dingell who served in Congress for many years, being one of labor’s strongest advocates. Following his death, Debbie Dingell was elected to the seat her husband held. She as well has been a strong voice for labor.

“I am proud to be with here today,” Representative Dingell stated. “During the pandemic I missed getting to visit union halls across my district and hearing from members. This morning I met some members from New York and it is encouraging to know that members share the same concerns across the country.

Detroit is the city that put the world on wheels, and now you will lead the way in this next transition of transportation. I can tell you, your leadership is out there fighting to make sure the next wave of vehicles will be made in America with good paying union jobs.

At this time we are still facing significant supply chain issues as a result of the pandemic. GM and Ford both have vehicles parked all over Detroit and across the country awaiting chips. We used to make 40% of the chips made in this country. Today that number is down to 10-12%. The transitions to EV will require more chips, so we have to move faster to get chip manufacturing back in this country. For More Remarks From Representative Dingell Click here

Following Representative Dingell’s remarks members of the International Labor Groups were recognized.

The convention then began debating resolutions. The first was a change to the preamble of the UAW Constitutional Convention as a result of the recommendation of the monitor. This resolution passed.

Next there was a motion made to bring an amendment out of committee to change the UAW Constitutional to allow retirees to run for International Executive Board positions. After much debate the amendment was defeated.

The next amendment was related to campaign contributions for those seeking office to the International Executive Board. With the change to direct elections, it was important to make sure that funds contributed to campaigns for IEB positions not be swayed by the influence of outside dark money. An amendment was made to the rules of elections to ensure that no outside contributions could be made to candidates seeking IEB office. The amendment was debated and passed.

Next came a resolution to create a new region called Region 6. This region would move the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, and Alaska into a new region. This would impact Regions 8 and Regions 4. By establishing a new region, it would allow members in those states to be more geographically located with their region. After debate the resolution passed.

Next President Ray Curry came to the podium to introduced AFL-CIO President Elizabeth Shuler. President Shuler became AFL-CIO President in August of 2021 following the untimely death of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. In June of 2022 she was elected AFL-CIO president. President Shuler spoke on the importance of organizing and mobilizing union membership.

UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada then presented an organizing report to the convention. She spoke of how at the moment unions have a more favorable view to the public in a generation. “We have the most union President of the United States in my lifetime,” Estrada stated. “There is a labor shortage in this county, which benefits workers. We have to build power through solidarity and stand for worker’s rights. When you look at the organizing drives at Starbucks and Amazon, we are winning organizing drives in lots of places. It is time for workers to stand and fight back.”

UAW Region 8 Director Mitchell Smith came forth to introduce the next speaker. Director Smith welcomed the Reverend Dr. Wendell Anthony, President of the Detroit Branch of the NAACP. Reverend Anthony is a long supporter of labor and working people. “You have to be organized if you expect to win,” Reverend Anthony stated. “Only by standing together can working people take on the corporations of the world. We must support those who support us. This means to stop voting for people who don’t support us. John Lewis said stop giving your vote based on personality and base it on policy. Policy gets you where you are. Policy sets your wage, not personality. Policy sets your health care not personality. Policy sets your vacation, not personality. Policy sets you retirement not personality. Look at the voting records and support who support us.” Click Here For The Reverend Dr. Wendell Anthony's Speech

The next item was an amendment to the constitution concerning pay for International Union employees. It was proposed to grant a 3% pay raise to all leadership and staff over the next four years. There was also language to increase transparency for salaries of international officers and staff. During debate the issue became confusing as points of order and procedural items were discussed. As a result, when the vote was taken some delegates were not sure of what they were voting on. Following the vote, a delegate approached the mic and stated they were confused on what they were voting on. Follow more discussion and procedural steps, the body voted to appeal the last vote and bring it up again. That time the amendment passed.

The convention was called into recess and will convene at 9:00 AM on Wednesday. Region 8 Delegates will have Regional Registration Wednesday morning from 7:00-9:00 AM in the Monet room at the Renaissance Center.







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