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Statement From President Gamble On January 6 Statement on Georgia Runoff Election
Volvo Reaches Tentative Agreement Retiree Conference Cancellation Letter
UAW Statement on Executive Order To Strengthen Buy American Provisions Locals From Western States Helping Their Communities During Pandemic
Southwest Florida Retiree Newsletter Region 4 and Region 8 Directors Place Superbowl Bet
Region 8 Western Locals Provide Relief During Pandemic UAW MID-FLORIDA RETIREE COUNCIL Spring Newsletter
Florida Sun Coast Retiree Newsletter
Local 2195 Retiree Newsletter
Message to Spirit Aerosystems McAlister, Oklahoma - DONT CLOSE THE PLANT!
Eastern Kentucky Retired Worker's Council Newsletter 2nd Quarter UAW and Spirit Enter Into Arbitration
Region 8 Plans Disaster Relief Effort for Victims of Texas Ice Storm Sun Valley Retiree Second Quarter Newsletter
Statement On NLRB Tesla Decision From Vice President Cindy Estrada Local 3057 Strike Day Eleven- Standing Strong
Day Seven Local 3057 on Strike
Letter From President's Office Concerning COVID and Union Activities PRO ACT Snap Shot
PRO Fact Sheet
President Gamble on the American Cancer Society Making Strides Program Support The Pro Act
Local 3057 Strike Continues Local 3057 Video
EAP Notes- April Is Stress Awareness Month Western States Continue With Their Community COVID Assistance
TV Coverage of Local 2069 Strike UAW Local 2069 Members Strike At Volvo Truck
Update On International Union Bowling Tournament Worker Memorial 2021
Region 8 Remembers Fallen Member on Worker Memorial Day Worker Memorial Day 2021
Western States Worker Memorial Day Event AD Smith and Rep Goins Meet With Local 2407 Leadership
UAW Local- 2306 Reach TA With Kelvion Corporation Petion For the Walter Reuther Commemorative Postage Stamp
June COVID Update UAW President Gamble Elected to THAW Board
Veteran's Day 2020 2020 Director's Christmas Message
March 28, 2020 COVID Update Update FromPresident Rory Gamble 04--02-2020
Update on UAW Local 1407 Update on Local 2083 Strike
Letter From UAW President Rory Gamble Trust Coronavirus Update, Planning and Preparedness
Coronavirus Facts From CDC
Local 1407 Strike Update
Local 1407 Strike Update Director Smith's 2018 Veteran's Day Message
Local 2083 Strike Begins April 8, 2020 COVID Update
Local 862 Bikes or Bust Drive Huge Success UAW Local 8868 Members Playing in Jai-Alai Championship
Local 3063 Member Michael Curcio Dies In Workplace Accident
Florida Sun Coast UAW Retiree update UAW Mourns the Loss of Ruben Burks
Remembering Dr. King Through Love, Compassion and Care The Pursuit of Happiness- Independence Day Message
2020 Bikes or Bust Video UAW Local 738 Ratify Contract
Director's Thanksgiving Message 2020 Video From Local 1872 Strike
UAW Member No Cost COVID Testing in Louisville
Florida Suncoast Retiree Newsletter
Region 8 Leadership Conference Cancelled President's Office Notice On UAW Meetings and Events
Sticker Reflecting Union Pride Displayed on US Made Vehicles Notice on United Way
Election Day 2020
Local 1872 Enters Week Five Of Strike COVID 19 Information
Local 1872 Members On Strike at JCI in York Facts Concerning The Payroll Tax and Social Security
Local 862 Ramp Team Recognized for Community Effort Labor Day Message From UAW International President Rory Gamble
Director's Labor Day Message
All Union Labor is Essential
Region 8 Member DNC Delegate
Fall Retiree Newsletter
Florida Sun Coast Retiree Newsletter
Mid Coast Retiree Newsletter
Eastern Kentucky UAW Retired Workers Newsletter
Region 8 Women's Department Newsletter Joe Biden Loves The UAW
Local 1872 Strike Enters Week Six UAW President Rory Gamble Request Support For Heros Act
Thank You From Local 1407 UAW President Rory Gamble Remembers Walter Reuther
Memorial Day 2020 Message From Director Mitchell Smith
Protect Our Rights- Speak Up For Safe Jobs
Veteran's Newsletter April-May-June
UAW Local 1407 On Strike
UAW Donations For Tornado Victims

Coronavirus Facts From CDC
Local 1407 Ratify Contract
Ending Strike

Photos From Local 1407 Strike Vote
UAW Local 1407 Update Eastern Kentucky Retiree Newsletter
Benefit Rep For Retirees Joe Phelps Memorial Clay Shoot
Report From National CAP Conference Local 3520 Newsletter for January
Local 3520 Newsletter for February
Videos From the 2020 CAP Conference January Veteran's Newsletter
Operation Victory House Florida Sun Coast Retiree Meeting
Florida Suncoast Winter Newsletter
Louisville Dr. King Celebration
2019 Boxes of Love
New Region 8 Travel Policy
Letter From UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada February - March Veteran's Newsletter
Letter From President Rory Gamble 2020 Bikes or Bust
Report on the 2019 UAW Special Bargaining Convention Director's Easter Message 2019
SW Florida Retiree Report Louisville Veteran's Day Parade
2019 Veteran's Conference Mike Herron Wins Pops Nudi Award
CAP Council Work on Reuther Memorial Worker Memorial Day 2019
2019 Summer School Video Director's Veteran's Day Message 2019
Remembering Roy Thomas GM Members Ratify Contract
Continental Motors Expand Local 1853 Retirees Visit Dr. King Park
Southwest Florida Retiree Newsletter Local 5287 Charity Bike Ride
Local 862 Bikes or Bust 2019 Local 3520, 5285 and 2404 Labor Day Celebration
Region 8 CAP Meeting
November-December Veteran's Newsletter
Local 862 Retiree Health Fair
UAW Veterans Serving Proudly
Labor Day 2019: Remembering Valentine Ruether

Remembering Dr. King: 2019





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