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Latest News From UAW Region 8

July 29, 2022
Day Four Report from the 38th Constitutional Convention

Day Four Photos
Region 8 Nominates Next Region Director

July 27, 2022
Day Three 38th Constitutional Convention Report
Day Three Photos

July 26, 2022
Day Two 38th Constitutional Convention
Representative Debbie Dingell Addresses Delegates
Photos From Day Two

July 25, 2022
The 38th Constitutional Convention Begins

Photos From Day One

July 21, 2022
UAW Participates in NAACP National Convention

July 15, 2022
Kentucky AFL-CIO News - Our UAW made Buick just took us, trouble free, the equivalent of three round trips by air from New York to London, with nearly 1,200 miles to spare


July 14, 2022
UAW Region 8 Director Mitchell Smith Joins Local 2850 Members on the Picket Line

July 12, 2022
UAW Local 2850 Members Still Standing Strong

July 10, 2022
Strike Continues at Local 2850
July 07, 2022
Region 8 Leadership Visits Local 2069
July 6, 2022

UAW Local 2850 On Strike

July 5, 2022
Region 8 Families Participate in the UAW Family Education Scholarship Program

July 1, 2022
Ford Representatives Give Update on Blue Oval City

June 30, 2022
Local 862 Sponsors Bats Pride Night
June 26, 2022

Region 8 Holds Grievance Handling Class
June 22, 2022
Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch Summer Camp
June 21, 2022

Statement on Changes to COVID-19 Protocols after Meeting of the COVID-19 Joint Task Force

June 10, 2022
Report from the Southwest States CAP Meeting
Obiturary for Local 3047 Member Lance Tanner Lee Winemiller
June 7, 2022

UAW Increases Weekly Strike Pay to $400
UAW President Ray Curry’s Statement On UAW Priorities Heading Into 38th Constitutional Convention

June 6, 2022
Local 2195 June Retiree Report

June 2, 2022
UAW Commends Ford Motor Company’s Announcement on Adding Jobs and Converting 3,000 UAW Members to Permanent, Full-Time Status with Benefits

May 26, 2022
Sun Valley Retirees 2nd Quarter Newsletter
Local 862 Chaplaincy Committee Host United In Solidarity Community Meeting

May 24, 2022
New Officers for Region 8 Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, & Texas Area Women’s Council and Next Talk About It Wednesday Planned

May 19, 2022
2022 CAP Conference Day Four
2022 CAP Conference Photos Day Four
Eastern Carolina Retiree Council
Appreciation Awards

Local 862 Retiree Appreciation Day

May 17, 2022
2022 UAW CAP Conference Day Three
2022 UAW CAP Conference Day Three Photos

May 16, 2022
2022 CAP Conference Day Two
Photos from 2022 CAP Conference Day Two

May 15, 2022
2022 CAP Conference Begins
Photos From 2022 CAP Conference Day One

May 12, 2002
UAW Region 8 Leadership Meeting Day Three

May 11, 2022

UAW Region 8 Leadership Day Two

The UAW Remembers Walter Reuther 52 Years After His Passing

May 10, 2022
Local 862 President Todd Dunn
Receives Ford Oval of Honor

UAW Region 8 Leadership Meeting Begins
May 6, 2022
Mark Liburdi Memorial Golf Outing and BanquetMay 5, 2022
UAW Region 8 Retired Workers
Conference Day 3
Region 8 AD Tim Smith Tours Mack/Volvo Jacksonville, Florida

May 4, 2022
UAW Region 8 Retired Workers Conference Day 2

May 2, 2022
UAW Members at CNHi Strike for Improved Standard of Living, Retirement Benefits and a Better Work Environment

May 1, 2022
Local 2195 Meeting

April 29, 2022
Update From the UAW Educational Conference at Black Lake

April 28, 2022
UAW, NRDC File Joint Lawsuit Against USPS Over Controversial Oshkosh Defense Truck Contract

University of California Members Protest Pay and Policies

April 27, 2022
Worker Memorial Day Message From Director Smith

LA Times- UC academic workers block Westwood intersection to protest pay, policies

International UAW Education Conference Update

April 25, 2022
International UAW Education Conference

April 21, 2022
Active and Retired Staff Conference

April 17, 2022
Yanfen McCalla Hiring in McCalla, Alabama

April 15, 2022
Understanding Inflation and Price Gouging

April 13, 2022
Independent Parts Supplier Conference Day Two and Three

April 10, 2022
Local 10 Support Striking Miners

April 07, 2022
Women's Month Video
April 06, 2022
Local 862 Women's History Month Video
Region 8 Holds Grievance Handling Class
GM Subcouncil Meeting
April 05, 2022
GM Subcouncil Meeting
Local 1853 Drilling Hope For Others

April 04, 2022
Suncoast Retiree Newsletter
Over The Counter COVID Test No Cost To Medicare Part B Enrollees

March 31, 2022
Organizing Efforts Continue at Case/IH in Texas, Tennessee and Georgia

March 30, 2022
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2022

March 26, 2022
The UAW Celebrates Women's History Month

March 24, 2022
Local 2195 April Retiree Report

March 22, 2022
Talk About It Wednesday With the Women's Department - Working While Caring

March 21, 2022
Detroit Free Press-
GM president: First Cadillac Lyriqs off the line are key to EV future
Detroit News - Cadillac launches all-electric Lyriq

March 20, 2022
Detroit Free Press - GM Investing $4 Billion In Spring Hill Plant

March 17, 2022
Detroit Free Press- UAW President Ray Curry Did Not Violate Ethics Rule

United Farm Workers March Planned

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