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What’s Next With Pro-Member?
Communication, Engagement And Breaking Down Walls

Dennis Williams: Our Future Depends On Our Ability To Not Avoid Tough Conversations.

Prior to transitioning from UAW Secretary-Treasurer to UAW President, Dennis Williams assured delegates that continued two-way conversationand engagement will help break down walks and keep the union moving forward.

It continues what the union started earlier this year with the launch of PRO-Member, a vehicle for engaging rank and file member and leaders on the future of our union.

PRO-Member, Williams explained, does not replace traditional servicing of the grievance procedure. “It’s shifting how we view one another and each of our individual roles in preserving the UAW,” he said.

 “Its principles are simple,” Williams added. “We are strongest when we stand together. To maintain the values we have worked hard for and the decent, middle-class standards our communities rely on, we have three tools in our control: how we participate in our union, how we take care of our resources and how we organize.”

“Our future depends on our ability to break down walls between us and not avoid tough conversations,” said Williams. “I believe it is what is expected by our members who are the heart and soul of our union. As I said before, we’re strongest when we stand together – and that’s why we want this to be an open dialogue at every level.”


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