Update From Local 2195 Retiree Chair Chuck McDonald. Good Information for all UAW retirees.

Local 2195 Update

 September 23, 2020
I believe I have a responsibility to provide, you our Retiree Membership, with the most accurate and factual information available on issues that can have a major impact on our financial and medical benefits.

I will be reporting on several subjects that can have a profound impact on our retirement. On many occasion I have talked with our members and they tell me how much they enjoy their retirement pay and benefits. I don't know how many times I have heard them say thank many times thank goodness for the insurance coverage we have. They will tell me about a stay in the hospital or some medical procedure and how much our insurance covered and how small the cost they had out of pocket.

So let me start with insurance; we could have lost our insurance during the bankruptcy filed by GM/Delphi in 2009. However it was saved by some terrific support we had in Congress as well as President Obama and Vice President Biden with the financial support. Our on Senators Shelby and Sessions opposed the bridge-loans that saved our health care insurance. It is extremely unusual to save the health care during a bankruptcy however ours was, hope you are thankful for that we all should be.

November 14 is the scheduled date where the Trumps Adm. is putting forth the effort to repeal the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT it will be heard at the Supreme Court. The Trump Administration has tried several times to repeal the A.C.A. which is known as OBAMA CARE. Should the Supreme Court rule in Trump's Administration’s favor and the A.C.A. is gets repealed, it will have a profound impact on our on health care system and our cost.

Another issue we are watching is the funding of the P.B.G.C. it is reported to be underfunded by millions of dollars and could be insolvent by 2022 or no later than 2025.

If this happens there are several thousand former GM employees that retired as from Delphi that receive their pension via P.B.G.C. monthly. As you know the P.B.G.C. was created by an act of Congress ERSIA in 1974 it established a guarantee for define pension plans. It did not guarantee health care benefits. We are fortunate that our pensions are protected by a negotiated coverage that would hold General Motors responsible for our continued payments. At issue would be how much can the GM pension sustain if there was another 30,000 or 40,000 thousand retirees added to the already very costly pension fund.

We hope that we can maintain the proper representatives in the Congress that will help protect and maintain the funding for the P.B.G.C. That would prevent any problem we would not want to endure. Our Senator Doug Jones is committed to helping continue to fight for and protection of the pension we now earned, deserve and enjoy..

I would like to put a very special emphasis on our current Social Security System I reported that Presidents Trump's tax holiday exempted workers from paying into the social security fund for the rest of 2020. Trump stated if re-elected he would make these tax exemptions permanent. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what this would do to our Social Security Funding & Payments. It is projected it would bankrupt the fund by 2023 and the disability funding would be eliminated first. I'm not trying to scare anyone I am just trying to point out there are many reasons to take this election very serious and consider the impact you may have on you and your family’s financial health and welfare by who you cast your vote for.

A question was raised wouldn't we start back drawing our supplement to our pension. The answer is NO. Once you become eligible for Social Security after one month supplement is gone never to return.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has proposed for years the only way to deal with the deficit is through reduction and change in what he calls entitlement programs meaning Social Security and Medicare.

There is going to be a new Supreme Court Justice appointed and if Trump has his way it will be before the election. It appears the Republican Senators under the leadership of McConnell will attempt to ram the nominee through in swift order. This action would go against everything the Republicans have said on record that they were against doing (there should not be a nominee during an election year the people should have the say).

We know they will probably get the nominee from the President and go through the motions of hearings and debates which are normal and they will no doubt confirm who ever Trump picks.

Where this is right or wrong remains in the eyes of the beholder. It is definitely wrong for McConnell to do this after he so vehemently held up the vote on the Honorable Judge M. Garland for 8 months prior to the 2016 election. He stated the people should choose in an election year. Once they get their new Supreme Court Justice confirmed we will, without question have a CORPORATE SUPREME COURT that means that a labor union or other groups standing up for the rights of its members or an individual actions against the powerful corporations and big money will have a very difficult time finding justice in the highest court in the land. This will be a return turn to the past; best justice money can buy.

I hope I have pointed out a few facts where you may like what I report or not you have a right to disagree. One fact has remained through the test of time. Quote of the late great President, Walter P. Reuther, "The ballot box and the bread box are one and the same."

If you would like to share an opposing opinion with me feel free to do so. You have always had my email address cmcdon2195@aol.com and my phone is 256-874-0850.

In solidarity
Chuck McDonald









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