Letter To The Membership From UAW President Rory Gamble

Brothers and Sisters,

As you may already know, we had an issue with the pens handed out at this week’s 2020 CAP Conference in Washington, DC. I wanted you to hear directly from me exactly what happened with the CAP pens. A few media outlets have reported on this and you may have seen the headlines. This was nothing more than an error made by a vendor in filling our order, despite what a few media outlets are suggesting. In fact, the Detroit News was provided with all of the corrective information regarding the pen order before they ran the story. Blaming the UAW for this mistake is like blaming an Amazon customer for receiving the wrong product in the mail.

So, here’s what happened: A portion of the order for the CAP pens were erroneously filled with pens manufactured in China. As we all know, the UAW is committed to purchasing only U.S. made goods and our CAP order was for U.S. made pens.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer made a mistake and filled a portion of the order with pens made in China. When this was discovered at the conference, CAP staff immediately contacted the vendor and pulled all of the wrong pens from what was left in the order. The UAW demanded that the entire order be replaced by the vendor with U.S. product only at no charge to the UAW. The vendor has apologized and is making reparations. The letter sent to us from the vendor is attached to this communication and was distributed to CAP attendees at the conference. Additionally, we offered to switch out any of the China-made pens for the correct U.S.-made pens at the conference.

And I would like to add one more thing: Our CAP reps and staff did a wonderful job with this year’s conference and we are going into this election year union strong.

In Solidarity,


Rory Gamble
UAW President









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