Update From UAW President Rory Gamble

Sisters and Brothers,

I am, once again, writing to you to clarify a very misleading story that appeared in the Detroit News today. The coverage of an upcoming meeting between myself and the U.S. Prosecutor to discuss the ongoing investigation was a slanted presentation of the story.

The News, once again, created a very negative narrative by purposely choosing to omit key information that was included in our news release and the statement issued by the prosecutor’s office. Although the prosecutor commended the UAW’s efforts toward reform and my willingness to work to combat further corruption, the News chose to omit that from the story. In fact, they very carefully edited the prosecutor’s quote to omit that reference. Here is the language from the prosecutor’s office press release:

U.S. Attorney Schneider commended President Gamble’s efforts towards reform and his willingness to take further efforts to combat corruption. 

“I look forward to working with President Gamble to achieve what I hope will be a joint effort to resolve some of the serious issues that the UAW has faced over the past several years,” said United States Attorney Matthew Schneider. “The UAW’s membership deserves our concerted push to bring about significant and important reforms.” 

Additionally, the story once again suggested that I was the target of a federal ‘probe’ into ties with a vendor. This misleading language was included in a story this past January, and we confirmed through our attorney that the Federal Prosecutors have reiterated that I am not a target of investigation. We have made numerous attempts to correct this slanted presentation of reporting and omission of key facts by providing factually based information.

And yet, the Detroit News continues to try to craft this false narrative, stringing together innuendo and half-truths in their reporting, while omitting key elements of the story that would have been favorable to the UAW.  It would appear that the News is not interested in objective coverage, but rather a narrative that is harmful to our union.

As I have said in the past, we can only view this type of coverage as a biased agenda without regard for fair, objective and professional reporting.

As I have promised since I accepted the office of the president, I will always be transparent with you and will always be direct about any issues that come up concerning me personally or this union. My sole focus is, and will continue to be, to make this union stronger.

In solidarity,

Rory L. Gamble





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