February 20, 2019

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia Civil Rights Council News

On October 14, 1998 a request was sent to Region 8 Civil Rights Coordinator, Aubrey Pinder and International Representative Thorton Greenhill to assist on Saturday, November 21, 1998 in establishing a North and South Carolina Area Civil Rights Council. This request was sent by Ricky McDowell, the Civil Rights Chairperson and Bob Riggins the President, at the time, of Local Union 5285. On November 21, 1998 the first meeting of the NC/SC Civil Rights Council was hosted by Local Union 5285. Freightliner, in Mount Holly, North Carolina. The meeting was conducted by UAW International Coordinator of Region 8 Civil Rights Aubrey Pinder and Region 8 Civil Rights Director, Thorton Greenhill.

The elections of officers to the council was held for president, vice president, recorder, and financial secretary-treasurer position must be filled. The following were nominated and elected to the NC/SC Civil Rights Council. President, Ricky McDowell from Local 5285. Vice President, Nona Byrd from Local 2828, Recorder, Kent Kemmerer from Local 5841, and Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Carrie McDaniel from Local 2828 was voted the temporary office of Financial Secretary-Treasurer because there was already a member on the executive board from Local 2828. In our April 2016 quarterly council meeting President, Ricky McDowell announced that he was going to answer his calling to the ministry. During the July 23, 2016 council meeting he officially announced he was stepping down as president of the councils. He left the council with great leadership Brother Jeffery Hicks, President NC/SC/VA Civil and Human Rights Council and Sister Diane Burke, President of Region 8 Civil and Human Rights Council. On April 29, 2017 elections were held, Brother William Strickland from Local 5287 became President, Brother John Smith from Local 3520 Vice President, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Sister Diane Burke from Local 2069 and Recorder Shanna Allen Form Local 2404. On October 27, 2018 Sister LaTonya Hart was elected as Recorder.

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