March 31, 2020


Region 8 IAC Chairs,

I talked to Region 8 Assistant Director Tim Smith today. He informed me that the Region 8 Standing Committees Conference, scheduled for May 18-22, at the Sirata Beach Resort, has been canceled. As of today, Region 8 Summer School is still scheduled for June 14-19.

Tim said that we should send in the Retired Worker Delegate Credential at this time, and in the event it is canceled, the region would return all payments, as they did for the Retired Workers Conference.

I hope all of you are doing well. I know that with our meetings being canceled, and our drop-in centers not allowing walk-ins, it seems like we are not connected like we should be. It's hard to imagine our Regional and the International Union officers all working from home. We don't know how long all this will last, but we just have to get used to it for a while.

I want to remind everyone of the Region 8 website. This is the best way we have to stay in touch, and keep updated on what is going on in the region. It has been revised to include the states that were added when Region 5 was dissolved. The home page has links to the latest news, and activities going on in the region. Check it out at There is also a link to send the Assistant Director, articles or newsletters that you would like to have published.

Please stay safe during this terrible pandemic. Keep those that are suffering with the virus, those who have lost loved ones, and all of our medical personnel in your prayers! We have no choice, but to get through this!  We are"UAW Strong"!

In Solidarity,

Ray Davis, Region 8 Advisory Council













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