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March 28, 2023

Day Two of the 2023 Special Bargaining Convention
By UAW Region 8 Webmaster John Davis
Photos by John Davis

Day Two of the 2023 Special Bargaining Convention began with an invocation by UAW Local 2164 and Region 8 member Patrick Klein. Brother Klein is a member of his local’s chaplaincy committee and lead the group in prayer. In his very heartfelt remarks, he remembered the families of those touched by the senseless violence in Nashville yesterday that left six dead, including children. In Region 8 our heart breaks for these families.

UAW Secretary Treasurer Margaret Mock kicked the morning off discussing the need for solidarity as we work toward a bargaining strategy that prepares our union for major contracts this year. UAW Vice President Rich Boyer was the first chair of the day.  

The first resolution of the day was the need for coordinated bargaining. The resolution Is based on the idea it is important we preserve industry wide pattern agreements. Having a common set of goals and objectives is important as we seek agreements within sectors to establish contracts that provides parity to our members.

The debate began with delegates speaking for and against the resolution. Since the proposed resolutions that were submitted as a unit, each of the submitted resolutions will be debating until the question is called and the delegates vote yes or no to end debate. If that motion to end debate passes, that resolution is added to the final group to be voted up or down. If a resolution is brought to the floor that is not included in the proposed resolutions submitted by the resolution committee, that resolution would be debated and voted up or down at the end of that debate.

The Resolutions Committee takes all the submitted resolutions and assemble them in a collective form. Many of the same ideas are submitted usually, with variations. The Resolution Committee takes all of these and put together a group that represent the intent of the members resolutions. At the end of debate the submitted resolutions will be then voted on.

The delegates next discussed a resolution to understand the importance that Political Action and V CAP play in our future. Our enemies spent billions to buy votes in Washington. While we cant outspend them, we can out vote them. V-CAP contributions finance the ability to pay to educate our members on the issues. Debate on the resolution ended.

Next an educational video on the idling of the Stellantis Belvidere Assembly Plant. Stellantis has decided to idle the plant, while it weighs future product placement. Our members at Belvidere are faced with an uncertain future, leaving them having to make hard choices about their future. We has a body must stand in solidarity to address the needs of members like our family at Belvidere.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer addressed the convention. “We have been busy in Lansing and in a good way,” Governor Whitmer stated. “Last week I signed the repeal of right to work and the establishment of the prevailing wage. For the first time in history, a state has repealed Right to Work. Everyday thousands of Michigan citizens go to work in union represented facilities. These workers should be able to go to work knowing their job is secure. We know that when workers feel more comfortable, they perform better- better job efficiency, better quality and more pride. I am proud to have had the opportunity to champion legislation that benefits Michigan’s working families. I have been able to do that because the UAW stood with me when I needed them. As we prepare for this transition to Electronic Vehicles, we must make sure these vehicles and batteries are made in America. Our workers must have the tools and opportunities to make sure they are included in this transition and I stand with the UAW to make sure this happens.” (Paraphrased remarks)

The next resolution addressed retirement income. The UAW has a rich history of supporting and negotiating guaranteed retirement benefits. In this round of bargaining we must secure retirement benefits in the face of volatile capital markets and an ever changing political and legislative landscape. The resolution received overwhelming support.

Next came a resolution on Group Insurance. While compensation is one of the biggest issues we bargain, it is also critical to protect the workers with health issues that leave them unable to work for weeks, months or even years. Lost earnings because of injury, illness, including mental illness and addiction-related illnesses or death can be financially devasting to workers and their families. It is important that we protect and improve company-paid group insurance benefits. The delegates voted to close debate with support.

Next resolution was profit sharing and gainsharing. The UAW first incorporated profit-sharing proposals into its bargaining strategy over 60 years ago at the 1958 Special Constitutional Convention under the director of Walter Reuther. Business conditions change over time and the plan language must be thoroughly reviewed, updated and improved during each contract negotiation. Delegates supported the resolution.

Organizing, new technology, discrimination and skilled trades classifications rounded out the afternoon. The convention was the adjourned until tomorrow.





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