Day 4 Report

James Hoffa Addresses Delegates

James P. Hoffa Inspires Delegates

Longtime friend of the UAW and General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters James P. Hoffa inspired delegates of the UAW’s 36th Constitutional Convention with high energy, enthusiasm and a big promise of continued solidarity.

“I knew I had a friend to talk to about the issues facing unions and working families in President Bob King,” Hoffa said. “The torch has been passed to a new leader.”

Hoffa told delegates that progressives will be heard in November when activists put their boots to the ground and get the vote out.

“Those boots are made for marching and we are going to march right over the Republicans in November,” Hoffa said.

Hoffa spoke of unions needing a 21st century strategy and more cohesion among activists to achieve greater goals. He spoke out strongly against the anti-worker, right-to-work, cold-blooded GOP attacks on the middle class that have impacted Michigan and other states across the country.

Hoffa encouraged union members to become strongly politically active and swore to turn back the tide on the right-to-work laws here in Michigan.

In a show of strength and solidarity to the members of the UAW, Hoffa swore to be a strong supporter saying, “When you have those negotiations, the Teamsters have your back. Congratulations to Dennis Williams!”  

Gwynne Marie Irvin

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