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Delegates at the 36th UAW Constitutional Convention approved the following resolutions

  • Acting Global to Win Global Justice – Delegates agreed that it is important for the UAW to continue to work with the union’s global labor allies to organize transnational corporations operating in the U.S. in our core sectors and passed this resolution. The resolution also calls for exposing employers that violate internationally recognized labor standards in the U.S., stopping the global race to the bottom and supporting the fight for human and labor rights around the world.
  • Peace and Human Rights – Enthusiastic delegates passed this resolution that calls on the president and Congress to permanently close the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation/School of the Americas, support those confronted with violence, such as our brother and sister trade unionists, and call for a clear timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan that will ensure stability, but not leave the U.S. with an unnecessary and open-ended commitment.
  • A Voice for All Workers – Passing overwhelmingly by the delegates, this resolution to defend, strengthen and expand the right to organize and bargain met with delegate approval and commitment to expose the truth about right to work, support legislation to secure full collective bargaining for all workers and fight for stronger laws labor laws and protections.
  • Rebuilding America’s Cities - Delegates on the floor acknowledged the need to restore our urban areas across the country and passed this resolution, which suggests ways to accomplish this goal. Some of the proposal’s features include using our bargaining relationships with employers, finding and using public policy to bring investment back into America’s cities, ensuring adequate funding for quality public services, defending the rights of municipal workers, improving urban mass transit systems to link cities with their suburbs, and adopting “smart growth” strategies to discourage sprawl and encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of urban brownfield sites.
  • Ending Hunger in America - A resounding “aye” echoed the floor as delegates chose to pass a resolution that would aim to fight hunger amongst American families and boost the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), as food stamps are now called, which is the primary anti-hunger program in the United States. The resolution would aim to protect and improve SNAP and other nutrition assistance programs, continue and expand outreach programs, and fight to strengthen our union movement so that every worker earns a living wage.
  • Restoring full employment – Passing on the floor was a resolution that focuses on making job creation a top national priority. With unemployment in our country still hovering close to 7 percent, a large portion of workers took an earlier-than-planned retirement. Some are eking out a meager existence on disability or looked to other means to get by. Highlights of the proposal include seeking funding for job programs to put Americans back to work, finding quality, accessible training for underserviced communities, and fiscal and monetary policies to support full employment.
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