There are approximately 3,000 Skilled Trades members in Region 8. Our Region provides and coordinates the following activities for our skilled trade members:
• Regional Skilled Trades Leadership Council
• Tri-State Area Leadership Sub-Councils
• International Skilled Trades Advisory Committee (ISTAC)
• Journeyman Card Applications and Reclassification

Officers of the Regional Leadership Council are:
• Lind Farley Chairman-Local 2069
• Rick Ooten Vice Chairman-Local 2195
• Roy Arters Local 435 -Recording Secretary
• Darrel DeJean Advisory Council-Local 1183
• Darrell DeJean Exec. Board Member-at-Large

The Regional Skilled Trades Leadership Council meets annually to bring about a better understanding of the common problems of skilled tradesmen in Region 8 by meeting to exchange views and information, thereby affording us an opportunity to make known our ideas and problems to the Regional Director and the International Union Skilled Trades Department. Our main objectives are:
• To improve working conditions
• Work for uniform and improved wage scales
• Adequate apprenticeship programs and suitable skilled trades standards
• Cooperate with all Local Union skilled trades leadership forces to attain the objectives cited above, within the structure of the UAW, and through our involvement in politics and organizing

Region 8 Skilled Trades Credentials Committee
Duties of the Credentials are as follows;
Region 8 Skilled Trades Leadership Council By-Laws Article VIII Duties of Officers.
The Chairperson shall appoint three (3) voting delegates to serve as the Credentials Committee for such session, except for the individual designated as a member of the Executive Committee, who shall serve a three year term per Article VI, Section 2.
The Credentials Committee examine all credentials received by the Region and investigate the standing of delegates and the Locals Unions they represent; they shall receive the original credentials of the delegates selected , and be in apposition to report at the opening of the Conference

• Ed Jackson Local 737
• Bill Hoosier Local 2069
• Eddie Sanderlin Local 919

The Region 8 Skilled Trades Leadership Sub-Councils meet bi-annually to discuss skilled trade’s problems, review recently negotiated skilled trade language and to discuss our involvement in politics and organizing. Region 8 has four area Sub-Councils

• Delaware-Maryland-Pennsylvania
Jim Mustusky Chairman-Local 239
Roy Arters Local 435 Vice-Chairman
Danny Cross Recording Secretary-Local 1183

• North Carolina-Virginia-West Virginia
Lind Farley Chairman-Local 2069
Tim Taylor Vice-Chairman-Local 919
Mark Schultz Recording Secretary-Local 2123

• Florida-Georgia-South Carolina
Harold Wise Chairman-Local 10
Allen Young Vice-Chairman-Local 882
Claude Willis Recording Secretary-10

• Alabama-Mississippi-Tennessee
Bruce Fager Chairman-Local 1853
Charles Aldridge Vice-Chairman-Local 1413
Randy Rogers Recording Secretary-Local 2083

The International Skilled Trade Advisory Council (ISTAC) consists of skilled trade members from the UAW Skilled Trades Councils, representing all areas of UAW skilled trades throughout the UAW including Aerospace, Ag. Imp., Chrysler, Ford, GM, Independents, Miscellaneous, Job Shops, Foundry, Engineering, and Parts. ISTAC membership consist of one (1) representative from each Region. In addition, each Council elects one (1) representative with the exception of GM, which has two (2) representatives. They meet bi-annually to discuss skilled trade issues and make recommendations to the UAW International Executive Board. At the present time, Region 8 has 2 members on ISTAC, and they were elected by:
Region 8 Skilled Trades Leadership Council: Danny Cross Local 1183
Skilled Trades Independents Council: Lind Farley Local 2069

Journeyman Card Committees

Region 8 has nine (8) Journeyman Card Committees that process Journeyman Card applications.

Alabama-Mississippi Journeyman Card Committee
• Chairman Local 2195 Charles Aldridge
• Secretary Local 2083
• Member Local 2190 David Taylor

Delaware Journeyman Card Committee
• Chairman Local 1183 Danny Cross
• Secretary Local 435 James Brown
• Member Local 435 Lewis Graham, Jr.

Florida Journeyman Card Committee
• Chairman Local 788 Gale “Randy” Grant
• Secretary Local 1649 Robert E. Williams
• Member Local 1124 Harry Matthews

Georgia Journeyman Card Committee
• Chairman Local 10 Harold Wise Jr.
• Secretary Local 2188 Ronnie Carver
• Member Local 10 William Craford

Maryland Journeyman Card Committee
• Chairman Local 239 James Matusky
• Secretary Local 239 Gary Eckhart

Pennsylvania Journeyman Card Committee
• Chairman Local 1872 David L. Stauch
• Secretary Local 1872 John S. Flaharty

Tennessee Journeyman Card Committee
• Chairman Local 737 Ed Jackson
• Secretary Local 1853 Darrell Dejean
• Member Local 1832 Jonathan Brannan

Virginia West Virginia Journeyman Card Committee
• Chairman Local 919 Harold L. Jones, Jr.
• Secretary Local 919 Eddie Sanderlin
• Member Local 2069 Lind Farley

From July 21, 2006 to April 25, of 2007 Region 8 has processed 274 journeyman card applications of which 50 are pending,7 rejected, and 217 have been approved.

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