Summer 2005


‘A better America for all’
What Our Younger Generation Knows About Labor Unions

The following excerpts were written by some of the Region 8 Labor Essay Scholarship winners for 2005:

“I realized the mission statement of organized labor wasn’t consumed by labor itself, but by simply improving America as a whole ... organized labor goes beyond employment and industry. It is made up of values and ethics about supporting humanity, while subduing the wrongs. It is the best viewpoint on advancing education and, in turn, it is America ’s key to the vast improvement of our own civilization.”
Jessie Holloway; Tennessee ’s 3rd place winner; graduate of Cookeville High School in Cookeville, Tenn.; plans to attend Tennessee State University in fall of 2005.

“I believe the union has truly been a great benefit to our family. There are six people in our family, my dad, my mom, my three younger sisters and myself. My dad is the sole supporter of our family and without the union, I don’t think that he would have been able to support us financially.
My mom has been able to stay at home and raise all of us girls because of the union.”
Jolee Revels; Florida’s 3rd place winner; graduate of Bradford High School in Starke, Fla.; plans to attend Santa Fe Community College in fall 2005.

“In recent times, we have seen the government turn its back on the American worker and the poor of our nation. We cannot let this happen. Organized labor is believing in justice for all. It is building a better future by raising the standard of living of its members by improving their working conditions and by protecting workers against unfairness on the job and in their community ... The never-ending struggle continues today and will continue as long as there are individuals who value fair and equitable treatment in the workplace.

A strong labor movement means a better America for all. We can continue the fight and together make the history of tomorrow.”
Timothy Hanlon; Florida’s 4th place winner; graduate of Plant City High School in Plant City, Fla.; will be attending Florida College in Temple Terrace.

“Organized labor always has and will mean hope, hope for all humanity.”
Gilbert Dickey; Tennessee’s 1st place winner; graduate of Lincoln County High School in Fayetteville, Tenn.; future freshman at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala.

“Take a coin out of your pocket and flip it until you find the engraving “E Pluribus Unum.” Somewhere in your elementary education you may remember a teacher telling you this meant, “In many, one” ... Labor unions are based on the same principle: that many people united in one voice have a better ability to make changes.”
Kiennan P. Dowdy; Alabama’s 2nd place winner; graduated from Huntsville High School in Huntsville, Ala.; will be attending St. Johns Annapolis.

“I personally am thrilled that I live in a country where I may pursue employment without fear of exploitation or at the very least, the ability to seek protection from immoral, illegal, or unethical work practices. Due to organized labor I need not dread the entry into the workforce as I am sure my grandparents and ancestors did. ”
Norman Eaton; Tennessee’s 2nd place winner; graduated from McMinn County High School, Tenn.; will attend Lee University In Cleveland, Tenn., in the fall of 2005.

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