December 15, 2021

Daimler Truck – Gastonia Components & Logistics / UAW Local 5286 Veterans Committee

Sponsored 2021 Toys for Tots

Daimler Truck – Gastonia Components & Logistics and United Auto Workers Local 5286 Veterans Committee recently sponsored their 2021 Toys for Tots drive with amazing success. Company and union leaders manned the 50/50 raffle table at shift changes which raised $6,424. The winner of the drawing stated he is fortunate and has been blessed. Not only did he purchase the most raffle tickets, he also donated his half of the raffle back to buy more toys in the memory/honor of his coworker William Reagan who recently passed un-expectantly on November 23rd. Will is described as a good man, friend and co-worker. He was a Team Leader on 2nd shift and had worked with Daimler since August of 2004.

Donations included $6,424 from the 50/50 raffle, $1,000 from the membership of UAW Local 5286, $1,000 from the Daimler/Local 5286 Rec Club and various toys donated by the 1,015 employees working at the Daimler Gastonia plant.

On Monday December 13th, Toys for Tots representative Glen Perkins came to the plant to collect the toys. Even using employees with pickup trucks, it was going to be a long day hauling toys. Plant manager Scott Sabatini stepped in and offered the use of a transfer trailer truck to take the toys in one load. Plant management, union leaders, employees and forklift drivers transferred the toys through the plant to an empty trailer like an army of ants. It didn’t take long to almost fill the tractor trailer with toys.

Daimler Truck

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