2004 CAP Conference

The International Union Community Action Program (CAP) legislative conference will begin on Sunday, February 01, 2004 and run through Wednesday, February 04, 2004. This conference deals with legislative issues that are important to working Americans everywhere.

There will be daily updates on the conference on the UAW Region 8 website after 9:00PM each day.
With 2004 being an election year cycle, political action is extremely important. Working families across the country are under assault by corporate America and the elected officials they control. Currently, President Bush is making an all out attempt to take away overtime provisions for over 3,000,000 working Americans. In addition, he is gearing up for another push at privatizing Social Security.

The President has spent the past three years lining the pockets of his political contributors while bashing working families. It is time to take a stand for working families and America. Political action is the only voice working Americans have, and we must stand and make our voice heard.

The UAW Community Action Program (CAP) was created in the 1960's to develop and advance policies that improve social and economic conditions and enrich the quality of life for all people.

National CAP coordinates the UAW's efforts to educate, organize, and mobilize the 1.3 million active and retired UAW members in election campaigns and the legislative arena. It has organized rapid-response teams of volunteers -- known as Congressional District Action Committees or C-DAC's for short -- that write, call, and fax their representatives and senators on key votes.

The CAP Conference features special speakers from labor and elected Representatives from all over the country. In addition, there are educational sessions for conference attendees to provide information on pending legislation that affects America’s working families. The conference also includes trips to Capital Hill so participants can meet with their elected officials to discuss these issues that are so vital to working families.

Check back daily for updates on the conference and email links to contact your representative to voice your concerns about current and pending legislation.

Conference Issues

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