Civil Rights in Region 8

How the UAW Civil Rights Department Came About

The UAW recognized the close similarities between workers’ rights and civil rights early on and created a Fair Practices Anti-Discrimination Department during the 10th Constitutional Convention in 1946. This led to the creation of the "No Discrimination Policy" of the UAW. The delegates at the 27th Convention, held in 1983 changed its name to the Civil Rights Department.

Civil Rights Provisions in the UAW Constitution

Specific provisions regarding the Civil Rights Department can be found in Article 26 of the UAW Constitution.

In this Article, Section 5 states; "It shall be mandatorv that each Local Union set up a Civil Rights Committee. The specific duties of this committee shall be to promote fair employment practices and endeavor to eliminate discrimination affecting the welfare of the individual members of the Local Union, the International Union, the labor movement and the nation. "

Region 8's Role

The Regional Director is charged with the responsibility of preventing any violation of the "No Discrimination Policy" of the UAW within the Region.

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