North Carolina/ South Carolina

The NC/SC Civil Rights Council held it’s quarterly meeting on 22 April 2006. The council meeting was hosted by UAW Local 3520 in Mooresville NC.

There were 3 very informative speakers that presented valuable information to the council. The speakers were Mr. Woody Woodard Pres. Of the Statesville NAACP, Ms.

Nancy Wilson Supervisor NLRB, and Mr. Melvin Hardy Supervisor EEOC. The speakers taught the members what to look for in discrimination and how to file claims with their agencies. Mailing logs were filled out, so that the members can receive the latest information that may help in the various Locals.

The Goal of the Council is to build a Coalition against DISCRIMINATION.

Local 3520 was responsible for feeding the Council and boy did they. Pres. Ricky
McDowell had to throw in the towel for the best meal served. Between the Fried Turkey and Smoked Chicken the Council members had to agree with Ricky, it was GREAT!!!!

Next meeting will be held in July. Host local to be decided, but we will keep all informed when the word is passed.

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