Thomas Built Bus Host First

The NC/SC Civil Rights Council met on Oct 21, 2006 in High Point NC, home of Thomas Built Bus. There were many Locals present to see if Thomas Built Bus could cut the mustard. These Council Meetings are a big thing for these Locals because of the education provided, fellowship and the Union Spirit.

TBB President Neils Chapman spoke of some of the Ups and Downs that TBB is having and the Council pledged 100% support to keep our Brothers and Sisters afloat. Neils told the Council that he was forming his Civil Rights Committee, but hasn’t found a Chairman yet. The Council had to disagree because TBB employee Gariel Ross impressed the Council with his knowledge of the Civil Rights and Labor movements. TBB is going to be a very valuable addition to the NC/SC council.

TBB entered into the arena of the Best Meal Served, by providing lunch to the Council. President Ricky McDowell kept his Towel in his pocket, but said TBB did real well for their very first meeting. Local 3520 still reigns on top according to Chairman Franklin Torrence.

Ricky McDowell announced that the 7th Annual Justice for All Banquet would be held Nov 4th 2006. He also announced that Local 5286 would host the next council meeting before adjourning the meeting.


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