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34th International UAW Constitutional Convention Begins June 12, 2006
By UAW Region 8 Webmaster John Davis

The 34th International UAW Constitutional Convention begins Monday, June 12, 2006 at the MGM Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This convention is held every four years and is the highest policy making meeting of the UAW. The UAW is founded on the principles of democracy, with the constitutional convention being the forum for changes to the constitution of the UAW, as well as the election of officers to the International Executive Board.

Each local union within the UAW is represented at the convention by delegates elected by secret ballot of every local union within the UAW. These delegates represent their membership at the convention and cast votes for their local on each important issue. The size of the membership at each local union determines the number of convention delegates that each local has, to insure that each member is equitably represented. The duties of convention delegates include:

- Amending the UAW Constitution by majority vote.
- Debating and adopting resolutions stating the UAW’s position on a board range of social and economic issues.
- Defining the powers of the International Officers.
- Setting the salaries of the International Officers, Regional Directors and staff.
- Establishing appeal procedures.
- Setting election rules.

Resolutions for changes to the UAW Constitution are submitted by local unions all across the country and then arranged into handbooks for convention delegates. Then, resolutions are read and debated on the convention floor. Following debate, the resolutions are voted on. On Wednesday June 14, 2006 elections for the International Executive Board and Regional Directors will be held. President Ron Gettelfinger, Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Bunn, Vice-President Bob King and Vice-President Cal Rapson and all up for reelection. Vice-President Richard Shoemaker, Vice-President Gerald Bantom and Vice-President Nate Goodin will all be retiring at this convention, with elections being held for their replacements. All Regional Directors are up for reelection as well. Region 8 Director Gary Casteel will be running for reelection for his second term as Regional Director.

These are difficult times for all working Americans, as we find ourselves under assault from greedy multinational corporations and a less than worker friendly atmosphere in Washington D.C. Organized labor is and has always been the only true advocate for working people the world over and our job increasingly becomes more difficult as the playing field continues to be shifted in favor of big business. The current struggle at Delphi is a perfect example of the fight we are engaged in to protect our workers and their families. Huge multinational corporations are using the court systems in all industries to exit their bargaining agreements to balance the books on the backs of the workers who have built these companies. The UAW continues the daily battle to protect our workers and build a future for other generations to come. The Constitutional Convention is always important, but 2006 finds it even more so as we debate and select the direction for the UAW to follow in the future. Since our beginning in 1934, the struggle for fairness and dignity as remained as we have won many battles at the bargaining table and in the halls of Congress. Today, that battle remains are our resolve is as strong as it has ever been. Through all the battles it has been solidarity that gave the UAW its strength and that hasn’t changed. We are committed to our membership and they are committed to each other.

UAW Region 8 understands the importance of this convention to our membership and is committed to providing up to date information on the proceedings. Because of this, UAW Region 8 Webmaster John Davis is updated the Region 8 Website daily from the convention to provide our membership with information concerning the issues being debated and voted on. Make certain you log on each evening to learn the latest news from the convention and the activities taking place.

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