Oct 05 2021

Statement by UAW President Ray Curry on President Joe Biden’s Visit to Howell, Michigan and the Importance of Passing Infrastructure Bills

Detroit - "The President’s trip to Howell is important to all Americans because we must invest in the American people and fix our crumbling infrastructure. President Joe Biden and Governor Gretchen Whitmer understand that without passage of both the bi-partisan infrastructure bill, and the jobs and economic stimulus of the Build Back Better bill, it is American families and middle-class jobs that will suffer. 

For UAW members, this legislation is about jobs. Especially key to UAW job creation is the Kildee/Stabenow provision, which will help ensure that subsidies for electric vehicles go to good union jobs here in the United States.  We need these jobs of the future to be as good or better than the jobs they replace. President Biden and Governor Whitmer are partners in making those good jobs happen by pushing for the good paying union jobs created by these infrastructure bills.”







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